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Monday, October 6, 2008

Study like there's no tomorrow.

I've just wasted 2 goddamn hours of my life travelling around and I didn't accomplish anything much, nothing much at all.
Left house around 9.20, was supposed to head to Desmond's house before he went to work and I headed to Hougang Point to get something but when I reached Kovan to change bus to his house, he messaged me asking me not to bother going but instead just go straight to Hougang Point.
So after walking the underpass over to Heartland mall, I had to walk all the way back, thanks very much.
112 to Hougang Point and I had to walk around for a bloody 45 minutes like a loner just 'cuz the shop haven't opened yet.
Just my luck that the whole place was teaming with Xinmin students, thank God I didn't spot any one I knew, how embarrassing it would have been if they asked me who I'm with and I said I was alone.
Machiam like loner like that, all Desmond Mah's fault!
If he had just let me go find him, I would have reached Hougang Point by 11 and the shop would have already been open by then.

So I ended up going up to NTUC Fair price twice and walking around like an idiot.
I think the security guard thought that I was up to no good or something because he kept looking at me whenever I went up the escalator.
Sucker, what can an innocent girl wearing an oversized Falcon house tee shirt plus orange fbts be up to?
The first time I went up, I didn't get anything, the second, I decided to satisfy my craving for Green tea despite all the warnings that when one's having her period, she shouldn't drink green tea.
Well, honestly, I don't give 2 flying fucks about that :)

Walked around some more, went into a japanese shop and finally, after walking past the shop for the 4th time, they got the hint and opened.
So I managed to buy what I came for and bus-ed home happily(ya, like real, but whatever).
I'm home now and I'm going out to Tampines later to get my ear studs, then down to Bedok to find Desmond then movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Can't wait to catch Connected, though I want to watch All boys love Mandy Lane too.
Next time maybe, but now, I've got to give my books respect.
Been procrastinating studying for like ever.
And I want my 8A1s(hahaha, believe me and you're a sucker) no matter what.

36 more days 'til the end of my Os.

P/S: I love Desmond Mah, he lets me choose what I want to eat for dinner.
Subway, here I come!

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