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Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures of you, pictures of me.

I've got like 80 plus photos to upload, some are overdue. So bear with me for a moment ok?

So yes, I went to Tampines and got my ear studs and met dearest baby at Bedok.
He took so long and made me miss 8 trains ok, just 'cuz his bus driver drove so slowly and took so damn long to reach.
But he made it up in the end, I got many many hugs! :)

So we went to watch Connected today at Vivo and goddamnit, the show was a bloody waste of money.
If anyone's planning to watch that show, plz don't.
It's a rubbish show where the actors do stupid things which obviously are stupid.
But the director must be stupid enough to ask them to do all that or rather, not do all they are supposed to do.
Like if someone calls you for help and you're able to put the person on hold, shouldn't you be smart enough to call the poilce and put it on conference?
Even if you're busy chasing the kidnappers, don't tell me you can talk on the phone but not call out?
But, if you're really bored, you may waste your money and go watch it.
Walked to Harbourfront's Subway and had dinner at 9, splendid.

This is the double chocolate chip cookie I was talking about, but it was sold out today, so sad.
Photo taken on the other time we went which was a few days ago, but I can't remember exactly when.

The dbl choc chip looks damn scrumptous and damn, how can they not have it today?
Don't they know I'm coming? :(

But anyway..

Here's today's Subway meal, Cold Cut Trio, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies and ice Lemon Tea.

Presenting today's garbage bin, Mister Desmond Mah.
I was pretty full today so he helped me clear half of my sandwich and was still hungry, amazing.

And me, the photog, Miss Cheng Yi Qing (:

Firstly, all smiles, it's Subway day!
Who wouldn't be happy to taste the delicious Subway meal in your mouth?

P/S: I think Desmond looks realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly cute here.

Baby opening the sandwich wrapper, he always helps me get the food ready, how nice of him.
Well actually, it was more of because I'm too lazy to do so, but still!

Here's the sandwich in person, well ok, in thing, the Cold Cut Trio.
Turkey ham, cheese, lettuce, onions, sweet onion and mayo sauce.
Not forgetting Honey Oat bread, but the HO bread here sucks, Compass' one is nicer, somehow.

Oh, here's the random shot of my crazy monkey hoodie.
I didn't know what to take photo of because he was still unwrapping.

He's still at it, oh my, take so long to unwrap?
Actually no, he's helping me wrap my half of the sandwich cuz everything I eat, the sauce keeps dripping down.
So nice eh.

Finally, eating time.
He gets the first mouthful since I'm too busy taking photos.

And the second mouthful.

And the third.
Damn, when's my turn to eat?

Awwwwww, look at the thick helping of ham.
Doesn't it just make your mouth water?
Oh and sorry, I took a first bite out of it, that's why part of it's missing.
But look at all the goodness!

Say hello to mister ham face, I took it for fun, but since Desmond's such a glutton, I think it fits him perfectly!
After all, he's like 57kg and I'm only 45?
I slimmed down 1kg, like yay!
Now I'm 5 kgs away from my targeted 40!

Ham face, ham face :)

Heehee, now it's my turn to get a picture of the goodness of the sandwich.
Yum yum.

Ooooo, and take a look at how messy an eater Desmond is, tsk tsk.
Well ok, I made this mess.
But you can't blame me at all!
He didn't wrap it properly and all the veggies came out of the hole at the bottom.

Say hello to the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie :)

It's filled with some of the goodness of Double Chocolate Chip.
See the white feeling in my cookie, yups, that's it.
So yummy, I can't wait to eat dbl choc chip again :(

So while we were eating, I looked out of the window and caught a random sight or some white cab and thus, the photo.
Look, I was bored ok?

Moreover, what's a camera for if you don't take photos with it.
Even random photos.
Even self-shots.

Well, so as I was taking photos, I turned and took a look at my cookie and here's what I found..

My cookie more than half gone!

*Turns and looks at Desmond who's grinning cheekily*

Desmond: HEEHEEHEE, it's ME! I've eaten your cookie and I'm going to eat the last bit. Muahahahaha!"
*pops cookie into his mouth.*

YiQing; HMPH, how could you. I'm not going to talk to you again. Hate you!"

Anyway it wasn't him who ate.
But I got bored so ya, hahahahaaha :)

Here's a random photo of Desmond's tongue, this stupid barbell was the culprit for tempting me to pierce my tongue.
Though I'm rather glad I didn't.
My tongue's hole-free :)

Smile smile 'cuz I'm tongue-hole-less.

And this is the remains of the meal, a bit messy but who cares?

So next stop, the toilet where we went to wash our hands.
Instead of our usual he-heads-to-the-gents-and-I-head-to-the-ladies, we both went into the diaper changing room!
Damn, I like taking photos of my middle finger.

Well du-uh, while he's hogging the mirror, trying to make his hair, I'm busy camwhoring.

Some times he makes me mad, some times he makes me sad.
But it's moments like this which I realize, it doesn't matter.
He's all I want.
I love you baby boy!

Hahaha, when he finally gets his hand on my camera, it's to take photos of himself!
So irritating.
And I was so nice as to help him take photos of himself, damn!

Oh, this photo was to show our dressing.
Me in a white shirt and black skinnies, he in a black shirt and white skinnies.
Contra dressing!

And then off we went to the MRT station to take the train back home.
Amazing, how I can manage to take photos every where I go ")
On the escalator.

Hooked arms!

Intertwined fingers :)

And when we got onto the train, he decided to leave himself out of the phototaking and thus, I lost a camwhoring partner :(

Stupid dumb dumb, I squish your head then you know uh.

But he still ignores me.
So sad, so I cried, and he didn't even care.
Look away some more, what the hell luh!

Oh and we chose to sit there because there was this couple opposite us and they were like hiding behind their newspaper.
Me: What do you think they're doing? Kissing? ^^

Contra skinnies.
Fuck all the losers who wear them.
Fugly can.

Stupid person with a stupid barbell on a stupid person's tongue.

Last photo with him for the day.

Grape mentos!

Love you, love you, yes I love you.

Yay, end of phototaking, nerdy me!

Here's a letter I've written out of boredom.

See if you can spot the hidden message, or be like Desmond, so damn dumb.

End :)

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