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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let it go.

I know this is rather belated, but still, the official last day of school has come and past, making the end of my 4 years of studies in Xinmin Secondary.
Despite all the times I've gotten in quarrels with teachers, skipped school, got caught for all the stuff I did, especially attire, there're the good times too, like being with LSK and Gerald Foo and TCC blah.
Friends were the primary reason why I turned up every single day for lessons and they never fail to make my day.
Of course, there're some people whom I would wish to never see again, but thinking about it, I think I did a very good job keeping my mouth shut on Friday, I didn't really say out all I felt like.
It was the last day after all, no point making a big fuss out of nothing, spoils the mood and everything.
But 2 years together in this class, 4 with some others, it's a big deal.
That's 1/4 of my life, that's a lot of memories.
Phototaking during the last day was rather emotional, no one really cried but the video screened really sank our class into silence as we watched back memories playing back before our very eyes.
We've shared laughter, tears, quarrels, frustrations, everything that could tear our class apart, we've experienced it all.
But in the end, we still stood as a class, more or less, for these 2 years.
Now it's the last fight, the last lap, the last run, the last 2 months and I really wish everyone will score the marks they want to and head into the place they wish to.
There's no point harbouring harsh feelings because we may never see each other again anyway, so what's the point?
I'll love every single memory I shared(well not all, but most) with each and every one of you(obviously not, but just for fun's sake).

The past few days with Desmond has been pretty quiet with no sign of quarrels and I hope this is here to stay.
I deserve a break from the rollercoaster ride I've been on. We both deserve a break.
Brief summary of what we've been up to includes train-ing all the way to Harbour Front just so I could satisfy my craving for Subway's Cold Cut Trio and Double Chocolate Chip cookie, slacking at his house and spending the day sleeping.
All these is nothing much, but I just hope that there'll be smooth sailing in everything we do, I hate earlier this week where nothing seemed to go right, nothing at all.
I'll be heading over to his house later on, was supposed to wake him up when I woke up, but decided against it, after all, I bet he slept late last night and I'm not going to wake him up at one of the ridiculous times I usually wake up at.
Despite everything I may have said before, I love you baby!

It's October already, means less than 2 weeks before my first paper starts.
Go YiQing!
Stop playing and start studying like some motherfucking nerd.

&.I'll never be like all the others where I don't take note of what's in front of me and always look back.
I'll not take you for granted 'cuz you're the best that has happened to me.
You'll never understand everything that goes through my mind whenever I look in to your eyes and know that you're mine.
Even if we don't manage to last, I know that for that moment of time when I'm in your arms, you're mine.

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