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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some where I belong.

I hate studying 'cuz there's nothing left to study.
I've redone my maths other school papers, finished 2 Chem and Phys TYS each and I've almost finished my Pass w/ Distinction A&E maths assessment books, what else is there to do?
I've got no mood to do humans though, so boring to re-read the notes all over again.
Yet, no information is getting into my head, sucks to be like this.
And yes, O level practical tomorrow, wish me luck.

Some how, I've been feeling like I don't even belong anywhere.
True, I've made close friends in Secondary school, especially those whom I hang around with in school.
Yet thinking about it, are we really that close? I think not.
Study break's started since last week, yet I don't see them asking me out to study, in stead, I'm the one who asks them out, and well, I always get rejected 'cuz they've already made their own plans.
So I just stop asking them out.
Know how it feels like when you don't seem to fit in any where?

I wonder if I'll even meet up with any of them after we've all graduated from Secondary school.
Honestly, I doubt so.
And this sucks, 'cuz I've always thought I knew where I belong, and now, I think I don't fit in, in the end.

Sometimes, I don't even think I fit in with Desmond, he never shares just how he feels, despite me probing and prompting him.
I admit, I don't even understand him anymore.

I wish I can hurry up and graduate and get into a new school.
That way, maybe I can finally find friends who appreciate me for who I am and treat me as part of the clique.
So I can find some where I belong.

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