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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dearest baby ever :)

Science practical's over, that's one paper down and I don't know, about a million more to go?
Was "locked up" in the sports hall from 9.30 'til 2 pm.
Only had an oreo cookie in my tummy, wonder how I endured through that nearly 5 hours?
Proud of myself though, this is why I am currently 44kg :)

Attempted to study the time away but hao jie mei Marcus got me started on Bingo.
At first only I versus Marcus, then me and Malcolm.
Then Arnold kept on trashing me.
So in the end, Edwin, Marcus and I had rounds trying to beat Arnold and only Edwin managed to :\
I kana pawn like fxck.
So Audrey decided to give up studying and join in the fun, hence, 5 of us started playing.
So fun, Marcus, Audrey and me got the most mo qi, always Bingo together.
Got once all of us bingo at the same time some more, heehee, so hilarious.
Damn dumb game, but very entertaining :)

Subway with Joelle, Zi En, Audrey, Benedict and Marcus afterwards at Compass, eat 'til stomach want to burst already.
Marcus and dict ate the foot long one some more, pro stuff.
Walked around the food fair going on at the first floor of Compass and then into DMK to find a pair of heels for Marcus.
He wanted the hot pink pointed pumps, so cute uh.
Bus-ed home on 80 afterwards and slept on the bus.
All the energy went to my tummy to digest the food.
Walked home in the rain and here I am blogging.
Hah, going to bathe now and go to find baby.
So long never spend time with him at his house already :\

School tomorrow to study with Malcom, Marcus and Dict.
I made Dict promise he'll come though, hah, bet he won't study at all, but we can all play Bingo together.
Hope Joelle turns up :)

P/S: Baby, I'll never leave you for another guy, for no one else can hold a torch to you.
Despite everything I've said and done, this is one promise you know I'll never break.

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