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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House bunny can hop.

Caught House Bunny with Desmond, my brother and his girlfriend, WanXin.
One word sums it all up, hilarious.
Bimbotic, bitches, slutty clothes with attitudes to match, what's there not to like?
And the best thing is that it's psycho-ed me to be a dumb blonde.
I'm so tempted to bleach my hair blond and act all bimbotic like.
I mean if I'm a bimbo, and act bimbotic, all the people will go "she's a bimbo, she can't help it."
But if I act bimbotic right now, they'll be like "why is she acting bimbotic?"
Should I, should I? :)

Subway for dinner with the 3 of them afterwards before brother sent WanXin home(like finally) and Desmond and I got on 80.

WanXin's so cute, she's a bimbo too you see.
And all of us are so gonna catch HSM3 when it comes out, heehee.

Well, pictures now.

And at night I got crazy with my falsies 'cuz I was bored, so.. :D

Ok done.
Going back to my books now.

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