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Friday, October 10, 2008

My last serenade.

Here are the overdue photos that's supposed to be in an overdue post.
Well, not really but anyway, I'm finally blogging 'cuz I'm actually supposed to be in school right now but I overslept.
Supposed to be 8 in the Conference Room but I woke up at 6.30, decided to get 30 more minutes of shut eye and only opened my eyes ay 8.50, splendid, I've missed more than half of it already so must why just pontang the whole thing right :)
But I'll still be going back to school, meeting my Joelle for a study session, finally.
I haven't seen her the whole week, not since study break started :(

Ok first, Tuesday, Desmond and I went to Ikea to play, Ikea, Giant and Courts Megastores.
Didn't know what to wear at first but since he said wear blue fbts then I wore damn simple.

Took bus to his house and waited while he was running.
The canal was super pretty that day and the air was super fresh, perfect weather for camwhoring :)

And take a look at my wrist.
There's this red tomato like bit which has been there for more than a week already and hasn't gone up 'til now.
If only I knew which irritating bug bit me, I'll bite it back.

More photos just for fun.

Then, he finally came back and even in my pajiao state, I could see his bright orange top, so striking.

So we both kinda got pissed off at something and walked back to his house in silence.
After he had his shower, he took out something from the fridge, green apple ice!

He bought it specially for me on his way home from work 'cuz he knew it was one of my favourite drinks, besides green tea which is the best.
I refused to drink it 'cuz I was still rather pissed off with him.
But I still did in the end 'cuz he managed to make me smile, shit, I can never manage to stay angry with him for long lorh :(

And here's me sitting at the stairs with my green apple ice while waiting for him to come out.

Walked to take 87 as we've missed the 112 bus.

And here's baby Desmond looking out for the 87, so cute.
He's helping me hold my ice :)

Went to hougang and I had the sudden urge to eat spaghetti.
Sad that I can't go home 'cuz after all, mum's spaghetti is still the best, always.
But since I had the craving, we went up to the food court at Hougang Mall for chicken chop spaghetti.
Look how nice it looks like for something which doesn't taste all that nice.

The sauce is crap, hardly any taste at all with no minced meat or mushrooms or whatever.
Rather pathetic I think.

And finally, we went to take 27 and we're off on our journey to the mega stores!

During the bus ride there, look how filled the place is, and we were sitting ride at the back.

Ok fine, that photo was just for random's sake.

And after sitting for around 20 minutes, tadahhhhhhhhhh!


We walked up the escalators and into the hall(is it called hall or show room?).

Here's dumb Desmond in the toilet busy looking at his reflection.
Trust him to do so every time he walks past a reflective surface.
So in love with himself that he forgot to leave some love for me :(

And this is a map to show our journey.

While walking from the living room to the dining room and then the kitchens, I saw this.

Damn chio right, every thing's red.
And I forgot to add, while we were walking in from the entrance, there was this whole bedroom that's purple.
Purple bed sheets, purple walls, purple tables, purple chairs, everything.
Fucking chio I tell you.
That prompted me to want to buy a house and colour code everything inside.
Like the kitchen will be red, the living room black and white... blah.
So tempted to buy a house now!

And this big gorilla opening some random fridge, so cute right he.
He's as tall as the fridge which isn't very tall actually.
So the bottom line is that, he's short :)

And lookie at this.

My new bedroom, newly refurbished by Ikea.
Super chio to the max.
The whole room's red and black, and the dressing table even has shining lights, so pretty!
Ok, I sounded like a bimbo back there, yucks.

Then, there was this section filled with mirrors and I just had to take reflections.
So dumb, but me like.

And awwww, this is one of those rooms furnished to show how an area can be arranged to look like one of those rooms in the magazines.
We're supposed to be sitting on the bed, which actually is a rug thrown on the floor with cushions as pillows.
I just had to get our picture taken.

I love you, Desmond! ^^V

Next, the children's section and I saw this adorable bed.
Like bugs life!
I said I'll buy it for my children next time, haha, like real.

Take a lookie at this.
So big.
The storage area I think.
Later got more photos to show how big it really is.

Eatery there.

Cute toilet signs.

Oooooo, I wanted to get a cushion.
Only 3.50$ and they are so nice to hug.
I wanted the red one.

Look, see how small gorilla looks compared to the whole place.
Super cool.

Oh, and baby said he was hungry so we went to get hotdogs.
Well, I bought 2 but I didn't eat any.
The dinner made me super filled up and I don't understand how this big fattie can still eat but he managed to finish both and still wasn't filled up yet.
I think his stomach's a bottomless pit.

First, take a look at the hotdogs.
Mine's the bottom one, I squirt the chilli so nicely, he just any how spray everything.
So ugly, mine's artistic.

Ok, after takine photos, he finally gets to eat and since I'm not, I'm the photog :)

Stupid mean person, too busy eating to take one photo with me.
Stupid glutton.

Half eaten.

Oh, eat half then take photo with me la.
Whathemofo-ing helllllllllll.

One down, one more to go.

HEEHEE, baby's gonna kill me for posting this photos up but I couldn't resist.
Look at his eating process, so cute.
He looks left and right then takes a bit, machiam like tou chi like that.

Finally done and he shows me his back.
This is the thanks I get for taking a million unglam photos of him, thanks so much man.

Here's evidence of his finished food.

And then, bye bye Ikea!

Next mega store, Giant!
On the way up, photos!

So cute, Tigger and friends.

Incomplete care bear series, I'm starting to crave a care bear.

Oooo, at the toys section I saw the "girls' toys" and "boys' toys" signs and couldn't resist asking him to pose to take photos.

He's a girls' toy.
And I'm a boys' toy :)
Next, my quest to buy food.
See the chocolatessssssssssssssss.

So pretty, make me so hungry.

Tsk tsk, can't read.
What has he been doing for the past I don't know how many years of education?

Take a lookie at me sexy legs.

The eye.

Love hugging baby :)

Lastly, Courts.

Ooooooo, fridges.
My favourite.
I fell in love with two.

And secondly,

Me want this tv in me new house.

Finally, I decided to leave and we went to the bus stop.

Those weren't supposed to be pictures of my hair, I was trying to take photos of him.
Just that my aiming ain't so good after all.

Met baby after my school 'cuz he didn't want to go to work and ended up staying home the whole day.

Went home after my lessons and went back to his house to find him :)
Dumb him, I was doing my math and he kept taking photos.
So cute.

Yesterday, he was sick so he came home early to rest.
While he was sleeping, I was on the floor doing math.

Get well soon baby!
Ok, it's 10.35 and I'm extremely late.
I'll have to chiong to school to meet my Joelle.
Love you, Desmond, if you're reading this :)

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