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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dumb you, pretty me.

Weehoo, it's 2031 views now, woah, I mean what the hell?
Ok whatever anyway it's History paper today and I was up 'til 2 on the phone, not studied a single page.
Heehee, I'm dead, so I'm gonna compile a list of shows I want papaCheng to buy then go revise, like reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly.
Ok tata, update more when I feel like it (:


B, I guess it's my fault that we've been quarrelling the past two days and well, I'm really sick of it, honestly.
I understand why you feel that way but you don't have to, but anyway it's over already, at least I hope it's over.
But baby, understand this, all they don't mean a thing, honestly.
YX asked me last night why don't I just leave you, know what my answer was?
"I can't 'cuz I love him no matter how idiotic he is."
Yes, I actually said that, I'm yours already B, and I'll not fall for any one else, not likely.
So please, let's just stop all this nonsense 'cuz it's really tiresome and I hate the fact that unlike everyone else, we quarrel.
It's just so irritating y'know?
So know that I love you and hopefully, we'll both change some things about ourselves and everything will be bettwe kay?


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