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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm tired.

You've disappointed me, yet again.
When I finally thought that nothing could make it worst, you've proved me wrong.
Thought I was at the bottom of the pit, yet I never knew the bottom was a fake one, a facade.
Everyone's been telling me different points of view, yet it all boils down to only one point.
Maybe it's time I heeded what they say, instead of being stubborn and insisting on mine.

I need a break from this all, it's engulfing me in a way I never imagined possible.
This has lasted far too long, I don't need to continue taking this.

I thought today would be a brand new day, the day where I take another step towards changing myself.
I'd change my bad tempered-ness for you, I'd change my mood swings for you, I'd change every single bad habit I have for you.
But would you change for me?
Would you notice that your words hurt, like taking a knife and thrusting it over and over into my heart?
Or would you not even know that I've been crying just 'cuz of what you did.

One last time, I'll convince myself it's all for a worthy cost, that what everyone says is wrong, they're not me.
I never thought I would have given you more than one chance, yet it's 'cuz of only one word that I'm willing to put myself through this all.

That one word's, love.

And you fatherfucking puacheebye, I hate the sight of you.
Makes me want to PUKE.

P/S: Desmond Mah so cute!

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