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Monday, September 1, 2008

You and I, collide.

Baby's mum and uncle are super cute :)
And I think they've got an ok impression of me, that's good, right?

Went to baby's house again today and this time, he's mum was around.
I think she's really cute.
Just sat there watching tv while he played his Warcraft and CS(as his mum said, "what a nice host, like never take care of his guest").
After a while, we went down to buy food for himself, his mum and his uncle.
When we reached back to his house, his uncle came out and I think he's funny :)

Just slacked there, watched him play more CS and watched whatever was showing on the tv.
Watch until I fell asleep lorh :\
He got ready and we left for PS to find Gerald for their dance.
Ended up sitting outside the studio for 1 hour 'cuz I couldn't go in.
So poor thing right.
Sat outside and attempted to take a few photos while playing DJ Max.

There's baby in his electric blue FBT and Gerald in his red one.
Couldn't take a front shot as I was sitting at the back of the studio, outside some more.

That guy's their teacher, so cute, and gay :X

'cuz I was sitting outside the studio, a damn lot of people kept looking at me.
I told baby that there would be, but he didn't believe me.

We went back to PS to take the train back to Hougang, Gerald went home while we went for dinner at LJS.
Took 80 back home and sat at the playground 'til 22.30 again.

Fatty bom bom baby and his PSP.

So obsessed, tsk tsk tsk.

I think baby's really cute :)

Hahah, got bored of taking photos of him after a while and I tell you, he's bloody small size.
Don't believe, see the next photo.

He thought he'd be cute and do the same for me.

And I tell you, in his dance attire, he looks like a small boy la.
I look like his older sister can.
What the hell, machiam I chao lao like that.

I told baby this:
"I'm here, you're there, one of us is in the wrong place."


And baby came over!
Psst, here's proof that he's fatter than me!

I look like the happiest person on Earth.

I think my "mei tui" really very the mei ah -.-

To those whom I don't know and they talk to me in MSN, fxck you!

Baby, the only time when I feel like the happiest person on Earth is if I'm right there beside you.
'cuz you're the only one I can see in my future.
Maybe it's dumb to say we'll last forever but certainly, I hope it's possible.

'cause you bring out the best in me, like no one else can do. That's why I'm by your side and that's why I love you :)

I love you too, that's why I am by your side too. I am sure we're gonna last :D

I love you, Desmond!

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