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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Mood swings have been and still will be my ultimate downfall, I predict.
Drastic changes happen late at night especially, when there's no baby by my side.

I don't know why but every time when I reach home after a day out with baby, I'll end up in front of this laptop and sooner or later, my mood starts to change from a happy one('cuz I was with baby and being with him makes me happy) to a ok one(like just normal) to a fxcked up one(I don't bloody know why).

And then I end up giving really cold replies which result in him asking me why(we're on the phone) and me giving some irritating reply 'cuz I'm in a bad mood.
Like I'm so fxcked up.
For the next like 1 hour or so, it'll be me just pissing myself off and he being worried about me.
It'll last all the way 'til I go to bed where I just fall asleep without thinking of anything else.
Screw it.

I have no idea why I'm blogging all these out since obviously, it doesn't help at all -.-

I'm PMS-ing.

And NNB, I've got the stupid, fxcking photoshoot in my GB full uniform.
Damn TCC, die die also don't want to let me go.

_|_ GB full u.

But before I go and get ready.

Good luck for your practical, baby!

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