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Monday, September 1, 2008

6B friendship.

"Hey, Yi Qing here. I know this is a rather primitive way of communicating, but besides this, I've no idea what other way to. I don't know if you'll read this but it's worth a try still.

I've just visited your blog and read your 2 most recent posts. Although I'm not very sure what exactly happened but from what I've gathered, you've been feeling excluded from the rest of us and the most recent gathering proved to be the last straw for you. That isn't true at all. You're very much a part of the class as any one else. Don't say it's easy for me to say, 'cuz it's not. I, myself, haven't exactly been included in all the gatherings, considering the fact that if I do attend one of them, I only know about the existance of one either a few days before, or even the night before.

You can't say that the friendship you used to share with all of us isn't real. 'cuz for one whole year, we have stuck through through thick and thin with one another. Of course, as all of us entered into Secondary school, most of us do not meet up, unless it's at a gathering and even so, not everyone turns up. I admit that I, myself, haven't met up with those I was closest to in Primary school like Mei Hao, Rachel, Serene.. The only time when I do talk to them is at gatherings and even so, the distance between us is evident.

Moreover, it's nothing to do with the fact that you've been in our class for only one year which makes you stick out. Nothing could be further from the truth, honestly. Just take a look at the one girl who's been with us throughout the two years, despite that fact, she never gets invited to ANY of the gatherings, no one bothers, or wants to for that matter, to see her. Don't you think that she sticks out even more? And remember at that one gathering where we went to Marina for Seoul Garden? We were at Clarke Quay and Ms Lim said that it was due to her that bonded us as a class against her. She has been with us for the full 2 years yet she doesn't belong to us at all. So it's not a matter of how long you've been with us. She's a classic example already.

About the most recent dinner with Ms Lim, I don't know how to explain it all. From what I know, Ms Lim had already booked the table so only 11 other people could be invited. Apparently, she told the guys about it so they were the ones who asked who they felt like asking along. Think about it, there are 42 people in 6B yet only 11 could be asked. Most likely, it was a daunting task for the guys to choose who to ask along and who not to. I didn't know about this matter until after the dinner and was told why. Perhaps due to this, you felt that you're not part of the class. I can understand how it must have hit you but it's not your fault atall.

The guys will never understand what the girls do. And to us, girls, you're always and forever a part of us. They may not understand how it feels like being excluded but they have never been excluded themselves, how can they know somethingthey've never felt before?

My point for this email is to let you know that no matter what, you'll always and forever more be a part of 6B'04. Nothing will be able to change that fact. You can bid us goodbye, but deep inside, you can never be able to erase a past 'cuz it'll always be a part of you. If any one of us ever caused you to feel that you don't belong, on the behalf of them, I apologise to you. But I'll like you to know that I don't want to lose a friendship like yours. Though I was never close to you to start with, it doesn't mean that I'll bear to let a 6 years' old friendship like this go. 6 years is a very long time.

Don't feel disappointed, or hurt 'cuz we still love you. Do cheer up and remember that even if the rest don't say anything, I'll always be here as a friend to you, you can count on that."

To Anthia, with love.

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