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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take off that mask and just dance.

Got so much on my mind just now, yet when I clicked to this page to type out a word-filled post, some how everything escaped and my mind's blank again.
Probably, I'm just tired, so I'll start by narrating my day just to get some impression on what may have triggered that string of thoughts.

Met Desmond at Hougang Mall at 8 for McDonald's breakfast, he suddenly suggested it yesterday and I wasn't against it.
Just sat there for after we've finished eating then he sent me to school before going home.
Stoned during Chinese lesson though most of the time, my hand was busy scribbling everything that Ms Tee wrote on the board.
Sucks that I couldn't see anything and thus, had to keep squinting, it didn't help either that I forgot to bring my spectacles.
Hougang Mall with KK and Joelle after that, Joelle got her pens from Popular, I got my ChinChow and MaryJanes then just went up to the foodcourt.

Was supposed to sit there and chat but the place we were sitting at was fxcking cold I swear.
There was this hole in the ceiling where the aircon was supposed to come out from and I was sitting directly underneath it.
My hair was literally flying and I had to hug my jacket close to me and just sat there shivering.
They both sent me to the bus stop and took 62 with me before alighting and changing to 136(they were going to Serangoon Gardens) and I went home.

Now, I'm trying hard to keep myself awake 'cuz I know he won't wake me up after his thing finishes.
Crap, how to stay awake when that bed's staring at me, inviting me to lie on it with two open arms.

Tired of putting on a mask just to hide my feelings, one day I'll break down, I swear.
Hold on for as long as I can, I'll never forget those days.
One day when you realize I'm gone, will you ever wonder if I was ever there to start with?

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