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Friday, September 12, 2008

I thought you were my fairytale, a dream when I'm not sleeping. A wish upon a star, that's coming true.

My fingers goddamn swollen, fxck.
Thanks to the ingenious person who thought up hand ball and my lousy catching skills.
So I've got this swollen left ring finger that hurts when I bend it or even move it for that matter.
Champions! day was shit, at least it was much faster than previous years?
Only 1 hour compared to the 2 or 3 previously, moreover, we've got 2 trophies this year, Champions! and Service, machiam like servant then have Service but who's to say we haven't been treated like servants for the past 2 years or so?
We're supposed to be servant leaders anyway.
Home now, dad picked me up 'cuz I couldn't possibly carry my full u, boots, 2 trophies plus my usual workload home alone.

Don't know what to say, perhaps words will never describe how I feel anymore.
Everything's changed, and no, I know I'm not paranoid, nor "thinking too much".
Perhaps indeed, it's my fault, but I'll heed their advices, it's too early to make decisions.
I just hope that some how, some thing will be able to change everything back to the way it once was, 'cuz I never realized just how much I loved the way things were 2 days ago, thought it'll never end, being there in your arms.
It's just 2 days, and a 180 degree change, there's nothing I can do.


And you've changed, I didn't know you were like this, despite knowing you for the whole of my Secondary school life.
Don't understand why, I once considered you as a really good friend, guess you've just been backstabbing me, like you've done for some of your other friends.
I had no idea you were like them, but you've proved me far wrong.

Guess lately, I've been trusting people too much, trying to only see their good points and not the bad ones.
I should really stop being so gullible, it'll get me no where at all.
Disappointed sums up what I've been feeling since yesterday, 'cuz disappointments all I've been getting.
Give me a Grande Mocha Frap from Starbucks to drown my sorrows 'cuz I don't wish to drink any more, but neither can I take all this.
A girl can only handle that much, any one can only handle that much.

I'll just fake a smile now, 'cuz I'm too tired to show how I truly feel.

Sorry for this rather random post, guess it's obvious what I've been feeling like.

I. Need. A. Hug..

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