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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now and forever, I'll be by your side.

This is a photo filled post.

Summarised, Baby, Changi Airport, Sky Train, McDonald's, home.

Love like back from school.

Love like in the skytrain.

Love like whose slipper?

Love like whose toes?

Love like whose hand?

Love like loverboy.

Love like Sky Train journey.

Love like taking reflections.

Love like dumb auntie that stare when I point _|_ at baby.
Ka Nin Na Buay, Pua Chee Bye la you ^^ :x

Love like baby smiling at me.

Love like being at Terminal 2

Love like cam whoring.

Love like when it's only the two of us.

Love like emo boysterz

Love like aeroplanes.

Love like licking his head.

Love like biting his head.

Love like boxing his head.

Love like cutting his ear up.

Love like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Love like 7. 8. 9 and 10.

Love like baby sending me home on that.

I really really never want you to leave me, if such a day should come, I wish it'll be after I've passed away, 'cuz I know living a day without you's something I can never imagine doing.
When I looked up at you, I was counting the number of times before we'd part, for every day that passes us by, brings us yet another day nearer to the time we'll bid each other good bye.
I know I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts, but after that day, honestly, I have zero confindence in our future.
Though I'll really like it to be forever, I know such things never do exist.
But baby boy, you bring out the best in me, like no one else can do, that's why I'm by your side, and that's why I love you.

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