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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupid bus drivers.

Here I am, with the fan blowing directly at me as I try to cool myself down. Fxck the weather, seriously.

Currently, I'm about to rant about an issue which I, myself, have been a victim of, twice I may add. It started today when I was on SBS788L, service number 43, at 15.18, travelling along Upper Paya Lebar Road. A Nan Chiau High school girl came aboard the bus at the previous stop and placed some coins into the fare box.

The bus driver insisted on her showing him her student pass or EZ Link card as it is better known as, but she did not have it with her. So he proceeded to ask her to place in a minimum of $1 as she had to pay the adult fee.

She protested saying that she was wearing her school uniform and that proved that she was still schooling but the bus driver paid no attention to her protests, instead insisting that wearing a school uniform wasn't proof enough that she was a school student, she had to present her EZ Link card to be able to gain the privilege of paying the student rate.

Now, I myself, I've come across such issues twice where I boarded the bus directly outside my school, I was wearing full school uniform, and the bus driver still insisted on me paying the adult rate just because I did not have my student pass with me. But don't you think the reason why I did not have my pass is because I forgot to bring it? If not, I would have used my EZ Link card and not bother paying 10 cents extra by using coins.

I understand that it is some rule that the bus drivers have to follow whereby we, school students have to present our EZ Link card to pay only 55 cents, but can't the bus drivers be flexible enough to ask for our ICs or for those who are not legally 15 yet, some form of personal verification? It is really unfair to make us pay more than double the student rate just because we forgot to bring one little card.

This is exceptionally infuriating whenever I do not have enough coins to pay the adult fare and end up standing there like an idiot because I have no change, neither do the people I am with. The bus driver than proceeds to give me a black face and ask me to proceed to the back of the bus just because I was blocking the way and refuses to give me a bus ticket. In short, this is the shit faced by, I believe, many school students everyday.

I do not have much time to complete this post because baby Desmond's currently waiting for me to go to find him, but I will, when I find more time. Until then, get pissed off with me at such selfish and inflexible behaviour by the people who provide us with their services, namely, the bus drivers of Singapore. Indeed, not all are like that, but I have not taken enough buses and forgot to bring my EZ Link card enough times to get a clear picture.

But seriously, my middle fingers wish to say "hi" to these people.

Yi Qing's _|_ says: HI!

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