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Friday, September 19, 2008

You're a waste of a love song.

Say hello to my monotonous life.

Everyday has been basically school, home, baby's house, home.
But at least I've got my studying engines started and that's something good, considering the fact that there's so much to do yet so little time.
Os are in one month and one day's time and I have got to chiong my history notes out(hopefully by the end of this week) and finish all my TYS.
I've got like Chem and Phy and Hist and 2 A Maths and E Maths and 2 POAs.
Like shit, seriously.
Omg, my life is seriously boring, really feel like an O Level student, finally.

Random something but I've realised that many couples are breaking out recently.
Or is it just that they've broken up for a long time just that I didn't notice it?
I don't know but thank God I'm single for I don't want to catch the break-up flu.

And KNNBPCB, stupid shit.
Thought you disliked me? Then today during recess still come sit at my table for what ljsai?
Nabeh, last time step one dislike me, today 'cuz no space come smile smile to Joelle, instantly make me lose my appetite la knn.
Shits are shits. Shits have no gender.
THANK GOD, for you two will be the ultimate disgrace to womankind.
I'll end with a FUCK YOU :)

Ok forget it, I'm just not in the mood to blog, weather's too hot.

P/S: This world is just so goddamn fxcking small, or is it just Singapore?

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