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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Photo shoot today, sucks wearing GB full uniform ok.
Supposed to start at 12.15 but fxcking NPCC drag like our time free for them to waste.
Ended up starting at 1 plus?
Everything was done by 2 plus and Dawn waited for me all the way :)
Changed then went to Hougang Mall to eat and study.
Super long never meet up with sweetie and finally did today, so happy.

Half way baby came to pass me his PSP to listen to songs on, but I ended up playing DJ Max most of them time, hah.
Walked with Sweetie after studying to Hougang Plaza as she was going home then to tuition and I went to find baby.
Bus-ed to his house and initially, he was supposed to run to burn off his fats.

But after putting down my stuff in his home, he changed to his running attire and we were at the bus stop, it started to drizzle, then poured.
So we ended up sitting at the bus stop for a while then went back to his house.
Just sat there playing PSP and studying(hahaha).
Went down to find his mum and helped her carry her stuff up.
Ate and felt super sleepy afterwards.
I think throwing the cushion on his face is super funny, everyone should try it, honestly.
So dumb, I had no mood to study so ended up writing "Hello" on a piece of foolscap and started passing it around like chatting on MSN, I know I'm cute -.-
He send me home afterwards.

Lol, I realized that I've been coming home earlier and earlier lately, is that a good thing?
From never come home the whole night to 12 plus to 11 plus and now 10 plus.
But seriously I've got to start studying, Os are only 40 plus days more and I'm still slacking like fxck like that.
Machiam like don't need to take already lorh.
I think I should start studying already, crapppppppppppp.

Some one, motivate me to :(

I've just realized some thing.
I've been spending all my waking hours with baby.
Its either I'm with him, like beside him, or on the phone with him while he's on the way home, or messaging him.
Like every time/every day with him still not bored, so amazing :)
♥Love you, baby.

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