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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scars are souveniers of past memories you never lose

Had physics practical today, then Literature lesson.
Damn, it was supposed to be in the Conference room from 9-11 but Mr Cheng booked it to 12 'cuz he knows he will drag(like that's something new -.-).
But as usual, he screwed up and the Conference room was used for some other meeting, thus we had to climb 4 storeys to reach 405 classroom to use it.
Then he only arrived at 9.30, what a grand entrance, make all of us wait, nothing surprising there either.
So he said he'll dismissed us at 11.30 ended up dragging until 12 again. Freak.

Rushed home after that as I was supposed to go to baby's house to study.
On the way home on bus 147, Calvin messaged me asking if I was on 147 and apparently, he was on the upper deck while I was in the lower one.
So cool yo.
It's been months since I last saw or talked to him.
As he was heading to school which my house was on the way, we took 43 and just chatted.
Been uber long and he's like taller than me now, what the hell.
Stand beside him machiam like I'm a dwarf like that, last time still remember how I was taller than him or at least of the same height?

So I reached home, bathed and was off to find baby.
He was supposed to run today, but as usual, it rained -.-
Reached his house, placed my bag down at the sofa there then accompany him go downstairs and buy his and his brother's lunch.
Studied after that and it started raining so there goes his run :(
Fatty fatty bom bom la him, but I still like :)

Studied halfway don't know why I started drawing a "portrait" of him so cute.
He only have 3 strands of hair like Tweety Bird, has super big elephant ears that are bigger than his head with a big enlarged ear hole in the middle while his whole ear is framed by piercings.
He has super huge eyes with damn long eyelashes like go for eyelash extension.
He has super a thick neck yet a stick man's body.
Hah, super cute right, I know.
Sad I didn't take a photo of it, if not I confirm put up here, make me laugh until I my stomach super pain la.

We studied for 3 hours straight and I finished my 4 SS essays, so proud of myself.
That's one homework down and many others to go but still.
Study until my head very giddy then just sat there trying to get my head to stop spinning.
By then it was around 7 plus so just sit with baby on the sofa while he watched the television then I got bored so he got out his PSP to let me play.

I'm so proud of myself, I managed to get Max Combo for Hello Pinky and only break 3 times for Devine Service.
That's really good ok, but I pressed all the buttons together at the last part for DS but still, heh heh :X
Baby went to bathe then we took 112 to Hougang Mall 'cuz I felt like eating Zinger(KFC) and when we reach there, there's this girl which asked him to do a survey.
Dislike her, baby said I'm jealous but like really la, she go ask him do her survey then totally ignore me.
Like purposely want to go talk to him like that, what the fxck, then he still entertain her some more, and not only, still joke with her.
So angryyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Machiam I'm invisible like that what the helllllllllllllllllllll.

Sat there with him until the rain lightened and walked to the bus stop to wait for 80.
I tell you, the weather today damn cold, I started shivering immediately after stepping out of KFC and my teeth chattered like fxck.
The bus stop was filled with bangalahs, "Mustafa got sale uh?"
The bus was relatively warm, so at least didn't shiver that much.

Realized for the first time how lucky I am to be with him.
'cuz I was talking to him about how some people when they see couples together, they'll comment on who's not compatible to who.
For example, if it's a cute guy but a plain-looking girl, they'll go, "why is he with her?"
Bet you have done that too, so have I.
Well, so when people look at me and baby, I bet they'll ask what is he doing with me.
I mean I look pretty average and he's really cute.
Plus, he looks like an ah beng.
Eh, like those not very guai but also not very huai those type.
But still, beng beng material, whereas I look like a nerd.
So they'll confirm go like "why is this ah beng with this nerd??"
Oh well :\

I think baby's realllllllllllly cute, and I don't think it's just because I like him that's why.
'cuz just being with him makes me want to smile, like I know his mine?
Our current relationships rather complicated for we're together, yet not together.
But I'm happy being like this 'cuz at least I know that he's mine, well sort of.
Haha, I really wonder what will be the difference between him and me now, and when it's after my Os.
But anyway, I miss you already, baby :)

Swimming tomorrow with girlfriend and I don't know who else.
And I think baby maybe staying over at my house on Friday for a movie marathon!


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