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Thursday, September 4, 2008

'til death do us part.

Swimming with girlfriend(Audrey) today, so happy to finally be in the water, but yet, the sun wasn't out until we decided to get out of the pool so I didn't get any darker :(
But anyway, walked back to Compass afterwards and had Yoshi for lunch and stayed there to study.
Walked to Popular and she bought her ruler then when to Cold Storage to look for her sweet and my Honey Stars.
So sad, don't have the size I want :(
Only have the medium size, I want the big big one.
Ended up just getting her sweet and I bought green tea.
Girlf went home while I took 87 to baby's house.

He left his keys with me last night so he couldn't go out the whole of today.
No breakfast, no lunch, had to wait for me to come and return his keys before leaving the house, so cute.
Alighted and made my way to his block and when I reached, I used his keys to open the metal gate.
He opened the door and I got freaked out 'cuz I didn't expect him to and apparently he got shocked to.
Damn, he was playing CS all the while, I thought he was really that bored la.
Cheat my feelings can.

Sat and watched him play his CS and watched the television until around 1930 where we left his house to go to the canal there to run.
Well, he ran, not me.
I just sat there playing his PSP.
He's super cute la, after his run he was super tired(he hasn't exercised in more than a month?) and his hair was all messed up.
Looked like a little 5 year old boy who just finished play catching at the playground, so cute! :)
He did some sit-ups and push-ups then headed back home and went out to buy dinner after he showered.

Hello Pinky sucks, I cannot get my Max Combo any more, fxck.

Y'know, I seriously think that I'm really lucky that I'm the one beside him.
I bet he can have (almost) any girl he wants, yet it's not any other, but me.
Like really, me.
I don't know if this can last until after my Os but still, it's a nice thought that he's mine and not any one else.

But anyway, I still want to say that I think baby's really cute :)

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