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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Because a quote is the closest thing to letting him know how you really feel.

It's a thief in the night, to come and grab you.
It can creep up inside you, and consume you.
A disease of the mind, it can control you.
I feel like a monster.

Luv baby veh veh much :)

E Maths mock today, think I did quite well 'cuz I only left 2 parts to one question blank and they're only worth 3 marks or so?
Hope I'll be able to score an A2 at least, hopefully Paper 2 will not be that hard.
Baby picked me up after school today, waited for me for quite long 'cuz he reached early and Joelle, the guys and I walked slowly out of school.
Reached home, bathed, then off to the playground to find him, bus-ed to Kovan and got chocolate waffles before taking 112 to his house.
He went for his run while I stayed at his house watching Channel U and reading my History text, it's really boring, seriously.
Down to 327 to buy his dinner then went back to eat, played PSP while he ate and watched TV.
Left for home at 10.

Baby, the one wish that's right on top of my mind is that you'll never leave me, ever.

I wish that when we were back there at the bus stop, hugging, time would just slow down and stop, 'cuz that's where I want to be, right there in your arms.
You've asked me why I kept looking at you, it's because I'm happy knowing that you're mine, or rather, you will be, in 2 months time.
Sometimes, I really get this temptation to hug you, but then, I'll ask myself, what for?
But the truth is that, I need no reason to do so, or do I?

Really, I keep repeating myself but being with you is a feeling incomparable with anything else, there's no words available in the English language, or any other language for that matter, to describe how it feels like.

It's like the adrenaline rush you get if you've just finished climbing Mount Everest;
Or the sugar rush after eating a chocolate cake;
Like the sense of satisfaction after coming in 5th for 2.4km run;
And being top in class for POA.

It's like finding a four-leaf clover among a 1 metre radius clover patch;
Or the contentment of coming in first in a race;
Like dancing-on-air happy;
And completing the last O level paper I'll ever have to take.

You'll never understand just how amazing being with you feels like 'cuz you're not me, you'll never be able to comprehend just how much you mean to me.
It's hard to explain 'cuz you've never been through what I've been through this past year, through all the ups and downs and insecurities.
But at least for now, I've found some one who can give me what I want, the security that comes with knowing that you're really here to stay for good, and not being just a short-term tenant.
The happiness knowing that I'll never be alone, not literally, but at least there'll always be some one there to help me carry whatever burdens that happen to appear on my shoulders.
The comfort knowing that I'll get a hug when I need one and a hand to hold when I'm feeling lost.
One day, perhaps, you'll understand.

I'll never be as important to you, as you are, to me.

But besides that, I'm happy with all that I've got right now, I don't think I deserve any more.

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