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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheenah people that pisses me off like whaddafuckshit.

I've had the sudden urge to come online today and here I am.

Yet I don't really see the point to, considering the fact that there's absolutely nothing to do online, well except blog.

The worst thing is that there's no losers whom I don't know talking to me, so I have no chance to have someone to be sarcastic to or to scold, sad case.

But anyway, today marks the 2nd month I've known Desmond Mah :)

I know, I know, it's only 2 months, not 2 years or even 2 decades, but I think it's amazing 'cuz given my record this year, I have barely lasted with one guy for more than a month, let alone two.

So I'm happy that he's the one I've been spending all this time with.

"2 months with you, and I'll never give up all this time for anything in the world. For showing me that there's still love, that faith isn't dead, I thank you. Come what may, I'll always be here for you. A shoulder to cry on, a pillar to lean on, a clown to make you smile, a reason for you to have sweet dreams at night. Perhaps the time's too short to tell, but I know for sure that you and I, we're built to last. It's been the happiest 2 months 'cuz you're there with me. I love you, Desmond Mah."

Despite knowing him for a mere 2 months, it definitely feels like an eternity 'cuz being with him is just like being with a friend I've known since forever.

We have quarrels, disagreements, yet who doesn't?

I hope that what we have will always last.

Happy 2nd, baby :)

And shit, the weather's being a bitch nowadays, seriously.

It's so goddamn hot until make me feel like swearing all the profanities under the sun that I know of, and that won't be nice, 'cuz I've been trying to stop.

Well, not trying hard enough, obviously.

But anyway, I've got something to blog about already, the contaminated milk incident from China.

Firstly, as everyone knows I'm super against China and their stupid Chinese accent which people insist on saying that it's the correct way slang and pronounce the Chinese words.

And to these people I say, fuck you.

On the list of suckers, Cheenah people win, hands down.

They have no moral values to speak of, literally.

They have been complaining that the world's biased against their goods, that their goods have nothing wrong with them, well take another look, 'cuz this time, they've got to eat their own words.

Now, it's not only the world's people who are affected, their own babies are dropping like dead flies, now how many is the most recent figure, 50-60 thousand?

Eat your own shit, Cheenahs.

Like whaddafuck.

They've received complaints from as early as last December but they tried to cover up the issue, choosing to compensate the victims quietly and continued selling their contaminated products without informing the authorities or retracting their products for more tests.

They care only about their own self gain, not about whether their products will harm anyone.

This suckers deserve to burn in hell for all eternity.

Now, this problem has blown way big, and not only a few countries, but the whole world's China products have been recalled of the shelves and every one's looking at China with a jaded view.

Who can blame them?

Now, all products which contain milk from China cannot be consumed and on Monday(or was it Tuesday?), when dad, sis and I went to NTUC to pick up muchies, most of the shelves that used to hold chocolates are empty.

Fuck, this means I've got to go on a chocolate diet, which thinking about it, isn't a really bad thing to do actually.

I've been feeling rather fat recently :\

But anyway, not to change the subject..

Shit you, fucking Cheenah.

It's 'cuz of incidents like these that make me fucking ashamed to declare that I'm Chinese for I know a lot of ang mohs out there think that all Chinese come from China.

True, my forefathers may have, but I'm a true-blue Singaporean, don't ever fucking associate me with this valueless country which have proven time and time again that they are a bloody selfish, greedy country.

It's no wonder at all why they say that Chinese are the Jews of the East.

This is so not the first time that China's products have proven quality-less and harmful to all of mankind.

Toothpaste, pet food, salted eggs, toys, sweets.. Guess the list is much longer than this but this is all my parents could come up on such short notice.

And this is bad enough, China is one of the major superpowers of the post WWII period and they used to call it the sleeping dragon.

Now that it has awaken, it's turned this world upside down, so much so that I wish it was still sleeping and hopefully, die in its sleep.

This type of superpower has the ability, and has done so, to sell it's products all over the globe and indeed, I admit it is a market which every country wishes to enter 'cuz of its large population.

But yet, with all these problems, I don't understand why China can't just step up in it's security checks, all these are creating a really bad name for us, Chinese, be it if we're from China or not, 'cuz all the same, we're branded under the race, Chinese.

If this continues, I should just be like Dawn Yang, go for plastic surgery and bluff about having some rare and exotic European roots some where along the family line.

What shit, this won't work.

Oh my gawd, being yellow-skinned does have it's negative impacts too.

Ah whateverfuckshit honey.

I should just go and bathe and get ready to meet Desmond later, at least he's someone who can make me happy, or not, depends on whether we quarrel :\

P/S: I need to eat chocolatesssssssssssssssss.

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