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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fuck your mother's chee bye, foreign workers.

Seriously, I hate all those stupid uncouth foreign workers from Bangladesh or China or from any other country for that matter, today proved that I'm not biased, they really are goddamn idiots.

Those that have seen me in my school attire will jolly well know that I look like a freaking nerd. No, I'm not kidding.

And waddafuck, there was these lorry which I walked passed while walking from the main road back to my house and there were like 5 foreign workers(may they burn in hell) and they cat called to me.

Hello fuckers, I'm not for people to cat call at, thank you very much.

It's just that these people are super vulgar and they are in their twenties(at least) and they are still childish enough to cat call.

Don't these idiots know better than to do that?

It speaks so much of them, how stupid and shallow they are, not to mention, attention seeking.

Have you ever heard of the phrase "癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉" or directly translated to "The toad wants to eat the goose's meat"?

I couldn't find a better example to use this phrase on than this incident.

Plz, firstly, I am of a way higher social standing than them, they're mere labourers, whereas I, am going to be some one successful(based on my own terms, not any one else's).

So who are they to try and demean me?

For goodness sake, they're suckers who labour all day under the scorching sun to build the infrastructure for Singapore, yet I do not feel thankful to them at all.

Instead, it's people like these which give foreign workers a bad name and make people like me feel like sticking a hammer into their you-know-what and gorge out their eyeballs and cut off their you-also-know-what.

I am not being vulgar, it's phrased in the nicest way I could think of already.

And it's like an insult to me, 'cuz I hate being cat called at, moreover, it's by such losers, how am I supposed to just keep my mouth shut about this?

I should have totally turned around and said "Nabeh chee bye, whistle what whistle? Never see before how you look like with your head cut off is it, want me to do so and take a picture of you?"

But I bet even this simple sentence is too difficult for their pea brain to comprehend.
KNNBPCB. Fuck your mother chee bye.

Ok, on a happier note, I'm happy that I did well for my E&A Math Mock Examination, scoring an A2 and a B3 respectively.

That's like a 3 grade improvement for both Maths, LSK said that I can get an A for my A Math too, so that means it's possible for me to score double As, like yay, seriously.

Os are in less than a month, shit.

And I've realized that I'm super addicted to scolding hokkien vulgarities nowadays with my current favourite, nabeh.

Used to be NNB then KNN and now NB.

Desmond hates it when I do scold, but I can't help it, it's he who got me addicted to scolding anyway, so bite me for it luh.

Can't wait for dinner, mum's cooking again and I absolutely love her food :)

And I haven't seen Desmond in 2 days, hope I can do so tomorrow? Or not.


Anonymous said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

amen fellow gamer

Anonymous said...

Despacitospodercar is a gay hoe

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