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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I hate to say it but I told you so, told you if you left that you were goin' be miserable.

I love Desmond baby :)


Had school from 8am to 11am and then went to the Coffee shop for lunch with Marcus, Edwin, Malcolm, Arnold, Zi En and Audrey.
Went home afterward.
Baby came to my house to find me and we took 70 to Suntec City to get his FBTs and I wanted to go to the IT fair.
Stopped at the Fountain of Wealth and we read our this year's fortunes.
Damn, I've got no lucky stars at all and they predicted that I'll spend the whole of this year fighting off enemies :(
But baby said he'll be my lucky star, so cute :)

Went to Carrefour and he got 2, one red, one blue and then we proceeded to find this IT fair.
Cheat my feeling, it's so bloody small.
I thought it was some big affair since it's got all my friends taking about it.
Crap, I don't know why people travel all the way there for it -.-

Walked around Suntec some more and since there was nothing to do there, I suggested watching 4bia since Joelle said it was good.
So we walked to the train station and on the way, it was super crowded.
We practically had to squeeze our way there.
Train-ed to Vivo and bought tickets to the 18.30 show and had to sit at the first row since it was a last minute decision.
Spent the next one and a half hour or so(we reached Vivo at 5?) walking around aimlessly and headed to Harbour Front center's McDonald's for dinner.

4bia was scary.
It's a 4 part ghost movie and Joelle managed to sit through the first 2 parts before getting freaked out during the 3rd and 4th.
I was freaked out during the 1st one already -.-
Weak, I know.
I don't understand why am I always so tempted to watch scary movies when I can't even manage to watch without my eyes and ears covered.
Waste of money 'cuz I missed more than 3/4 of it.
But baby watch until very song like that, not scared at all.

After the show, we headed to the "pet shop"(I don't know the name of the shop) on the 3rd floor of Vivo and I swear I'm tempted to get a hamster again.
They were that cute, don't believe, ask baby.
We counted at least 13 hamsters in one tank but there were more buried under the sawdust.
The cutest thing was that there were 4 hamsters in the running wheel and one or two of them kept trying to run on it.
So the other 2 either fell out or got dragged along inside.
Then when one fell out, it'll try to scramble back inside the wheel, causing yet another one to fall out.
Despite falling for multiple times, they still never give up, squeezing their way in time and time again.
So cute, seriously.

Headed back to my house's playground and sat there again.
Pictures are in the previous post and my personal favourite is still the one with both of us in it :)
Shall not elaborate on what happened during the period of time we sat there but after reading the previous post, I do think it's pretty obvious.


Went to find baby at his house and attempted to do a wee bit of Math before giving up.
My mind just wasn't working, and Math confuses me so just decided to forget about it.
Watched him play Counter Strike(CS) and I think he's so cute.
Kana killed like don't know how many times just 'cuz he chiong and chiong.
But I agree with what he said, stand there camp for what, like hum ji kia, must why chiong all the way, more fun.
He stopped after a while and we watched the Olympics.

I know I'm seriously super lag but Michael Phelps super cute :)
He's swimming speed is like, legendary or something.
Sorry for my laggy-ness 'cuz I can tell you seriously, I've never watched a single Olympic match at all.
Only one beach volleyball one, can't remember Brazil versus who.
It was at the coffee shop with Malcolm, Benedict, Shawn, Benjamin, Edwin, Joelle and some others which I can't remember who.
But anyway, caught a glimpse of the Table Tennis match too and Singapore won Korea.
Yeah man.
And Ronald Susilo sucks big time, don't like what happened between him and Li Jia Wei.
But either case, he got pawned during his match.

Decided to head out for dinner and I suggested going to eat at my school's coffee shop 'cuz they're Ban Mian is to die for.
Still find it the best among the rest.
But despite the fact that I've eaten there umpteen times, I still keep splashing the soup around.
Bought bubble tea and headed to Punggol Park(again, thanks to me) and just sat there playing DJ Max.

I tell youuuuuuuuuuuu.
I'm pro stuff now.
Played Blythe twice and both got C despite the number of breaks(known as misses).
Muahhaha, baby, admit it, I'm prooooooooooo :)
So happy but still, I kept breaking, even during the easy songs.
Like so noob, but it doesn't matter, I've met baby's criteria of being pro ok.

Decided to head home after a while and we sat that super cool 80 that I've sat in weeks ago.
The one that looks like a cafe.
It's his first time and I'm honoured to be with him during his first ride!
Super cool, though it's so not meant to take a lot of people.
Sat at the playground again 'til 22.30 'cuz he said he wanted to reach home by 23.00 and true enough, he reached home by then.
Baby, you're pro stuff too.

I'm so happy 'cuz I've been meeting baby every single day since the holidays started.
Best thing is that I get to meet him tomorrow too, and I get to see him dance.
I hope I won't laugh :X

Ok, it's 00.00, time to call baby.

Omg, I took 1 hour to blog this post out, damn.

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