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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Like a falling star, I fell for you.

To put it simply, I miss you, Desmond.

*Continued from yesterday's post..*

Desmond came to my house and basically, we spent most of the time playing Maple :) Told him playing a private server was cool yo.

Played all the way 'til 12 and he had to leave.

When he got home, his mother confiscated his phone.

Damn his teacher, seriously.

Look, his teacher complained to his mother that he skipped school and his hair was too long.

Mother neh neh this teacher. Like what the hell, honestly.

He didn't skip school, just woke up late that's all. Everybody will be late on some days in their life. Not like his teacher was never late before? And even though he woke up late, he still chose to go school despite the fact that he could have chosen to just skip and get an MC or something.

Moreover, his hair is not long! It's not like he has some pony tail or something right. I didn't even know his school would care. I've seen much longer hairstyles and I don't think those guys get caught.

So why the fxck did he get caught?

My simple conclusion is 'cuz he's teacher is bloody jealous of him and thus, decided to be biased against him.

And this resulted in his mother confiscating his phone and thus, I have no way of contacting him at all unless he calls me.

How come such injustice still exists you tell me!

Sucks la, seriously. So I've officially spent one whole day in school without receiving or sending a single message from/to him.

I know I've done this before, but back then, I wasn't used to contacting him every single day. And now that I AM used to it, I'm supposed to get used to not contacting him.

Like what the fish is this?


But I really hope he manged to memorize my number if not later he can't call me :(

He said he would do so around 7 tonight? But he was supposed to come over today to play Maple again.

Oh well.

On the other hand, I think his mother is really cute. He's 18 and she still uses this method to try to control him. But he's cute too, 'cuz the guys I know that's of his age won't listen to their parents anymore.

But he still does!

So that makes him cute.


Ok forget it, I'll play Maple to pass my time.

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