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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby, this is for you.

We've come from separate worlds, from different family backgrounds and definitely from opposite sides of life.
But our worlds have collided together, there must be a reason why.

Me, I'm some one whom people may say I'm from a "good" family background, I'm studying in what others perceive as an acceptable stream and all that shit.
But does that mean that I'm superior over those who are studying in a less acceptable stream?
No, baby.
It just means that I may have been a wee bit more hardworking during my Primary 6 and that's why I've managed to smuggle myself in with the other smarter students.
I'm not particularly smart, neither pretty, nor rich or even famous.
But at least I know who I am, what I want, I bet those rich and famous people don't even know what the hell they want.
They just stumbled into popularity and sooner or later they will regret it for no one's able to remain in the lime light forever.
One day, when they've dropped out of the camera lens of everyone's, if their name comes up randomly in a conversation, I bet people will go "xxx who?".
No one will remember who they are, unless they've made a personal impact on them.

Whereas now, I know where I belong to.
I belong right there beside you, in your arms.
I know I'll be some body who leaves an impact on your life, be it a miniscule or an enormous one, it doesn't matter.

Baby, you're some one who others see as incompatible to me and for what ever fxcked up reason they can think of.
Be it reason xxx or yyy, I don't give a flying fxck, honestly.\
Don't tell me just 'cuz Princess Diana isn't of royal blood, she isn't able to match to Prince Charles' royal status.
I'll tell you FXCK YOU if you do, 'cuz despite their difference in status, they got married didn't they?
And so what if she didn't come from a highly appreciated background?
She still changed to world in her own ways, she still impacted millions of people with her kindness.

I believe in love, I believe in fate.
'cuz as I stated above, I believe that there was a reason why God allowed us to meet and for you to stay, unlike all the other guys who came and left, you stayed.

Baby, I won't listen to a word any one has to say about how both of us are not compatible or what ever shit they have to bad mouth about me, or you.
I don't care, they're just bystanders in this, the main party's you and me, that's all I have to care about.
That's all we have to care about.
It doesn't matter to me if you're Bill Gate's son or a beggar's son, 'cuz when I fell for you, I had no idea who you were.
I'd rather be 'married and poor' than 'single and rich'.
What for be the richest girl on Earth if I've got no one to share all I have with?
At least if you're poor, but married, I know that I'll be happy being with some one I love, at least I'll not be lonely.

I urge you to have faith in us, 'cuz what we have isn't found by just any other, it's something that not many people are able to experience yet once they do, they understand the reason why they go through hurt and pain.
Despite our many flaws and differences, we've found some thing that the both of us can tolerate.
We've found perfection in the imperfection.
I don't ever want to see the day where we both split and go on our separate ways.

A last note to those who still think that you're going to judge us, I've only got one thing to say.

keep your fxcking comments for someone who cares.

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