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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've got a million photos to post up.
All photos from the gathering I just came back from, at my cousin's house.
Their the ones with a house that seems more like for show than a real home. But I'm not complaining, I like my messy one!

So we left the house at around 6.30 and reached there at 7, we were the earliest family some more.
Went into their "play room"(technically, it's not those type that is filled with toys, but it's more of where their computers, Xbox and playstations are kept at) and played Dynasty Warriors with my brother 'til the rest came over.
Dinner was the usual type of pot-luck, nothing much special.
So then I got pretty bored and thus the cam-whoring.
All of my cousins were like complaining but so what? It's not like I forced them to camwhore with me right -.-
But in the end, my sister and youngest cousin got into the mood too. HAH.
I'm not the only cam-whorer around :)

Well, here's the photos:

Say hi to C. You Kai.

That's C. You Duen.

And C. Yuan Wen.

My Million-Dollar Picture.
Sigh, so unglam.

C. Yuan Wen.

Papa Cheng.

Mama Cheng.

There, I'm done.
Like 6o photos or something, so it's not a terrible lot.
But I'm not satisfied 'cuz I think I look pretty ugly in most of them :(


I miss Desmond! >:(

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