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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Review | Innisfree Orchid Intense Cream

Boy am I on a roll with my reviews of Innisfree's product, aren't I? This is the 3rd product from Innisfree that I have absolutely been loving (oops did I give away my thoughts on this product already?) As you all know, Innisfree is a brand that I absolutely love and I rarely find a product I don't like (that being said, I have to admit that not all of them work for my skin). This one is from their Orchid line and it is the Orchid Intense Cream.

For the longest time, I have been avoiding face creams because I hated how they felt on my skin. I didn't like the thick texture, or how suffocated and oily my skin felt after using creams so I typically skip the moisturiser step altogether. If I really had to, I'll prefer using an emulsion but only when absolutely necessary. This cream, however, is one of the creams that has converted me to a cream-user once again.

The meticulously extracted active ingredient from Jeju orchid delivers exceptional sleekness to your thirsty skin with its outstanding antioxidant effects. The highly enriched nutrients strengthen inner skin cohesion, while providing a perfect solution for managing wrinkles, elasticity, skin tone, nourishments, and pores simultaneously.

The Orchid Intense Cream is an anti-ageing gel cream made with Jeju orchids for younger and healthier skin. It is formulated especially for dry skin to deliver intense moisture and antioxidant benefits. The rich texture gives skin a noticeably supple and smoother appearance.

1. Precious Orchid Elixir™
A superior antioxidant ingredient extracted from Jeju orchids makes skin glowing and radiant while strengthening.

2. All-in-one care for elasticity, brightening, and nourishing
By providing full nourishment, it tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and brightens your overall skin tone.

3. Luxurious feeling
The texture of the highly enriched intense cream grips the skin quickly. After applying, the cream nourishes deeply and improves wrinkles so as to keep your skin firm and elastic.

The cream is nestled in a Innisfree's classic plastic tub. The orchid line's packaging is purple which allows the products from this line to stand out in comparison to other lines from the brand. There are 3 different moisturisers in the orchid line to suit people with different skin types: the gel cream (for oily skin), enriched cream (for normal/combination skin) and intense cream (for dry skin). I got the intense cream which is in the darkest purple packaging compared to the other 2. There is 50ml of product in here which is the standard amount of product for most moisturisers.

There is a slight floral scent to it which I absolutely adore. It isn't overwhelming in the slightest and once it's on your face, you can't even smell it anymore.

Compared to the other two creams, the texture of the intense cream is more rich and dense and requires a bit more effort to blend into the skin. That being said, surprisingly, I love how it feels on the skin. I wanted this cream for days when my skin feels extra dry and I needed something heavy-duty to sit on top of my skin as a protective layer to protect it from losing moisture to the environment. This cream doesn't leave an oily-feeling layer on the skin but you can feel it on your skin so if you're someone who doesn't like creams leaving any residue, then maybe opt for the gel cream or the enrich cream.

I don't use this in the day time because my makeup because I want a lighter base so that my makeup won't slip and slide around. If you have intensely dry skin, or prefer the dewy look, this cream may be a good option for you to apply before your makeup.

It does take a while for this to sink into my skin, especially if I do my full skin care routine (3 layers of toner > 2 different serums > eye cream > moisturiser) but that can almost be said for any moisturiser I put after layering all the previous products. Even so, it will still leave a layer on top which is what I wanted it for. So if you're not a fan of any residue, do take note!

Whenever my skin feels stripped at the end of the day, especially when I'm travelling to dryer climates, I apply a thick layer of this cream before I sleep and I always wake up to hydrated, plumped up skin. For sure, the benefits I get from applying this cream definitely outweighs the heaviness of it for me.

You can tell from the photo above that it leaves a slight glow to the skin. Considering how it's slightly heavy in texture, it has not broken me out and or caused milia to form on my skin which is really great. Initially when opting for such a heavy cream, I was worried my skin would react to it negatively but I'm really happy that it didn't.

All in all, I really love this cream because it does what I wanted it to do but I do understand that the texture isn't for everybody. Definitely give either the gel cream or enriched cream a shot if you're interested in trying the orchid line but do not want something heavy on the skin.

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