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Friday, April 26, 2019

Current Makeup Favourites | April 2019

When I find something I like, I tend to go back to it over and over again so having monthly favourites isn't something that comes easy for me. However, I do switch up the products in my routine every once in a while and sometimes, I discover new favourite items. If you want to know what makeup products I've been loving at the moment, please carry on reading~

The first item I have absolutely been loving is the Super Shock Cheek Blushers from Colourpop. These blushers are not new to me but the formula has been a bit finicky to me, I did not know the best way to apply the product onto my skin. That is, till I dug out an old stippling brush which has been in my collection for years. Now, the combination of that brush and the super shock cheek blushers are my favourite items to use whenever I apply my makeup.

My two favouite colours have to be Aphrodisiac and Birthday Suit. Aphrodisiac is a matte soft beige which I love when I do a more colourful eye look and I didn't want too much colour elsewhere on my face. Birthday Suit is a neutral pink which is great for times when I want a flush of colour on my cheeks. These blushers are very long-lasting and only fade slightly towards the end of the day. I did up a post on my beauty stash of super shock blushers previously and you can read it HERE.

Also from Colourpop, I have been loving the Sweet Talk Pressed Powder Shadow Palette which I believe is a limited edition spring palette. I have really been into peachy eyeshadow looks recently and this palette has everything I need. The mattes in the palette blend beautifully, my favourites have to be Catch Me, Dream Maker and West Side. I also love using the only Super Shock Shadow, Side2Side as an all over the lid colour.

I have been using the Dr Mascara Fixer from Etude House to death recently and for good reason. The climate in Singapore is hot and humid, not the best for allowing makeup to sit nicely on our faces unless we remain in an air conditioned room for the whole day. For this reason, a lot of mascaras tend to smudge on me. While is may be easier to just go and get waterproof mascara, this means that the vast majority of mascaras in my collection will go unused which really is a waste. I found out that by applying a layer of the Dr Mascara Fixer first before applying my regular mascara, this prevents the mascara from smudging under my eyes, gives me longer lashes and also helps my lashes hold the curl better. 'nuff said about this.

My favourite concealer of the moment is the Big Cover Tip Concealer in #sand from Etude House. It does have a bigger applicator than other concealers in my collection but that's not the point. It has great coverage, is very blendable and doesn't crease weirdly on my skin. I have a lot of acne pigmentation on my face and this concealer does a great job at evening out my complexion. 

These are some makeup brushes that I have been loving recently. (Please ignore how dirty they are, I just used them and haven't gotten around to washing them yet.) Starting from the top, the first brush is Coastal Scent's Small Synthetic Classic Stippling Brush. I use this in together with the super shock blushers and this brush applies product so beautifully on the skin.

The second brush is Real Technique's Multitask Face Brush. I bought this in a set and I don't think they sell this brush on its own which is such a shame because it's an amazing brush if you want to bronze up the skin. I've been liking a more diffused bronze all over the skin rather than a more targeted contour look and this brush is great at giving me that. No more harsh contour lines!

I recently got rid of a couple of makeup brushes that I just didn't love and got a couple of ones that I really like. Among them is the No. 1 Powder Brush from Bh Cosmetic's collaboration with ItsMyRayeRaye. You can't get this brush on its own because it's sold in a set but I love this brush for powdering my face. It's really soft and fluffy so it's great for a light dusting of powder. It doesn't shed when I wash it which some of my more expensive brushes do and the whole set is really affordable. Bh Cosmetics always has sales so if you want good brushes, just wait for them to be on sale.

The next brush is Wet n Wild's Crease Brush which I actually do not use in the crease. It is the perfect brush for me to do nose contouring with and I've been using this brush for that purpose ever since I got it.

The last brush is also from Bh Cosmetics and it's the 141 Large Shadow Brush from the Sculpt and Blend Fan Favourites Set. I've been into a more diffused eye look and using larger shadow brushes just help me achieve that look. This brush is soft, applies and blends the eyeshadow onto my lid well and I just have no complaints about it.

And that's all for the makeup products I have been loving recently, I hope you liked this post!

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