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Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Zealand Travelogue | Blue Pools

While doing my research on "must-do" things, I came across the Blue Pools forest walk. It's supposed to be a really short hike to this pool with amazingly blue waters. Just google "Blue Pools Track New Zealand" and feast your eyes on the beauty that is the Blue Pools.

The great thing about New Zealand is that there were so many public car parks that were free for everyone. If you're only going to spend a short time visiting a place, it'll be very annoying to have to continuously pay for parking at every single sightseeing spot.

The Blue Pools is a short hike from the carpark and is a flat trek. However, since the walk takes you through the wooded areas, do be mindful about sandflies. The sandflies in New Zealand are deadly. We got bitten on the first or second day there and the bites itched for a whole month. It's been almost year since I got back from NZ and I still have the scars left behind from the bites.

I don't know if you can tell but it was really rainy and gloomy so the water leaned more towards the normal greenish blue shade than the gorgeous bright blue that they were supposed to be. We were so disappointed when we got to the swinging bridge and saw the colour of the water.

Also, side note but did you know swinging bridges scare the shit out of me? We crossed so many swinging bridges on this trip but I just never got over the fear of the swaying of the bridge. Brandon had to hold my hand for me to cross over one, if he walked too far ahead for me to grab his arm, I'll literally freeze on the spot and scream his name and have him walk all the way back towards me. I'm such a wimp some times.

If you're visiting the Blue Pools, you'll come across this area with many stones. People pile stones, one on top of the other, to form little structures which are just so cute. I always add on to the pile when I can, although I never start a new pile of my own.

If you do visit this place, I hope you have great weather because you do need the sun to capture the real beauty of the pools.

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