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Thursday, February 28, 2019

New Zealand Travelogue | Castle Hill

For the longest time, I've been meaning to blog about all the trips I've taken but I've obviously slacked off and didn't do so. Take this trip for example, I went to New Zealand with Brandon in April 2018, that's nearly 10 months ago and I haven't even uploaded any of the photos on Facebook. Since I'm on a roll, I thought I would mix up beauty posts with some travelogues, starting off with our honeymoon trip.

We took a direct flight with Singapore Airlines to the beautiful South Island and it was honestly the most blissful 2 weeks of my life. We basically did a road trip around the South Island, just Brandon and I, and we had the best time ever. Obviously I may miss out certain details at this point because it's been a while but I'll do my best to add in whatever I can.

We took an overnight flight which left us in New Zealand in the morning. We took an airport shuttle to pick our rental car up, chucked our luggages in the boot (and back seat) then off we went. Our first stop was to grab coffee and brunch at Luciana Espresso Bar in Christchurch. They honestly served the best coffee I've had, so much so that we actually went back to grab coffee again when we went back to Christchurch at the end of the trip.

Then, we drove off to our first sightseeing spot of the day, Castle Hill. Castle Hill is an area scattered with majestic lime stone structures. There's a small carpark along the road where you can park the car and take a short walk to the actual structures.

These limestone look amazing from afar but were even more beautiful up close. I'm no geography expert so I don't know how or why these structures were formed but we had a really great time walking around and just climbing on some of them for fun. They may look small in some of the photos but some of them were huge. I remember Guangs telling me that he actually did bouldering on some of them before which is insane.

I've always loved finding places that make me feel small, and this place is definitely one of them.

We found a secluded spot that was out of the sun and away from the wind to have our brunch. Even though it wasn't that cold (I know it's only autumn but we actually experienced subzero temperatures later on in the trip) but the winds were pretty strong because we were in an open area surrounded with snow capped mountains.

If you're looking to visit Castle Hill, do wear decent walking shoes because there's no real man-made path although the walk was a pretty easy and flat one. Also, do check the weather before you head over so that you don't get caught in any rain as there are no shelters in the area!

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