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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review | Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation

My best friend recommended this foundation to me because she really liked it and so I got it because I've been on the hunt for a liquid foundation from a Korean brand. I've never tried one before so I'm here today to share my 2 cents worth.

I bought the Mineral Moisture Foundation from Innisfree in the shade C2. It comes with SPF 34 PA++, it's always good to have SPF in your foundation because you can never get too much sun protection. This highly enriched moisture foundation covers your skin with dewy moisture as if applied with essence.

Directions: After using makeup base or primer, apply an appropriate amount and evenly smooth over face. Gently pat to finish.

The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a matte white cover, making it light, compact, and very travel-friendly. I love how it comes with a pump which makes dispensing the product easy and hygienic. I never understood why certain brands choose to come up with foundations without pumps. It comes with 30ml of product in the bottle.

I believe they have 6 foundation shades in the range, C1, C2, C3, and W1, W2, W3. C standing for cool tones in the range and W for the warmer tones. The foundation shade I bought, C2, is actually a bit too light for me but C3 was too dark so I've been trying to mix a bit of facial oil with the foundation because I heard that this darkens the foundation slightly. I've only tried this once but I didn't notice much of a difference so let me try it a couple more times and I'll let you all know how it goes.

The foundation offers a medium coverage that is buildable to a medium-full coverage. It offers a demi-matte finish which surprisingly lasted a very long time on my face. The longest I've worn this for is 12h and it was still going strong up till the point when I removed it from my face. It doesn't dry tacky or greasy on the skin even if I don't set it with powder but it does transfer slightly.

There isn't much of a scent to the foundation but if I were to describe it, it smells like the herbal scent which most Innisfree makeup products have.

The foundation blends and spreads easily on the skin. It does feel slightly heavy but nothing too crazy and nothing I cannot deal with.

What I noticed is that after a couple of hours, it starts creasing slightly around my mouth (laugh lines) and cakes up on the oily parts of my face (on my forehead and nose). I don't feel that it is as moisturising as it claims to be, not that it is drying either but it did cling to any dry patches I had on my face which definitely wasn't a great look to have. I was a little disappointed about that to be honest because it did claim to be a mineral moisture foundation after all.

From the photos below, you can tell that the foundation clung to the dry flakes I had around my mouth. Also, you can still see the red spots I have on my face and it just didn't sit properly on my face. To be entirely fair, I don't know if it was because earlier last month, my face just went bat shit crazy on me. My face broke out like crazy and in a bid to fight the spots, the products I've been using made my skin super dry and flakey. I still have to test this foundation out some more to decide if I really like it or not but I'll update this space if I change my mind about it. For now though, it definitely isn't one I find myself reaching for.



  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly and comes with a pump
  • Demi-matte finish
  • Lasts 12 hours
  • Does not dry tacky/greasy
  • Medium coverage
  • Buildable
  • Not much scent


  • Shade is slightly too light for my skin
  • Cakes slightly
  • Creases around my mouth
  • Clings to dry patches
  • Transfers
  • Doesn't sit well on my skin

Honestly, I was a disappointed with this foundation because I've read many reviews online before I bought this foundation and more of them were pretty good ones. I think the main reason why I didn't like it is because my skin condition isn't optimal for trying new products but I'll definitely try it for a couple more times and let you guys know whether I like it or whether I stand by my current verdict. I'm sorry for being a downer but I hope this has been helpful in some way or other. Thank you so much for reading! x

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