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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

January in a nutshell

January has flown pass literally in the blink of an eye. I have never felt this exhausted or this accomplished in such a short span of time. I have been insanely busy this past month and all off days I've had were spent recuperating and just chilling out in general. I know this is super cryptic but let me get into slightly more details.

In January, I finally got my driver's license. If you've known me, you will know the crippling fear I have when it comes to driving. Just putting me in the driver's seat with the engine on is enough for me to have an anxiety attack so conquering my fear of driving and actually getting my license was an amazing feat for me. I am so thankful to all the people who believed in me and celebrated my success when they found out I passed. On a side note, I'm thinking of doing a blog post on my driving experience. Any one interested in that?

Also, in January, I cleared all 3 papers, M5, M9 and M9A the first time I took them. I was so stressed out the whole January because of them. I literally spent the whole CNY period studying because I was so overwhelmed with the sheer number of things I had to memorise for each paper so I am glad that my sacrifices and late night cramming sessions worked out. All these propels me one step closer to my career and as much as I'm freaking out about what to expect, I am also majorly excited to see what happens next as well.

All these may sound like nothing much but they have kept me up nights in January because I don't deal well with the unknown and change scares the hibbie jibbies out of me but I'm willing to let go and let God because only He knows what may happen next. This year is the year of Jubilee after all and I know only good things will happen from now on.

I have a couple of days off from everything because I needed the time to unwind and just recharge so I'll definitely put more effort into maintaining this blog over the next few days. I'm sorry for neglecting it this past month but you know I'll always return eventually :>

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