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Monday, January 9, 2017

School Food | Korea Travelogue

Whenever we find ourselves at Sinsa-dong, Garosu-gil, we always head to School Food because it's one of my sister's favourite food places. When we were there in May last year, we were (not so) pleasantly surprised to realise that they changed up the menu quite a bit and a few of the items we loved having there were no longer on the menu. For better or for worse, this meant that we had to try new items.

While the menu is mostly written in Korean with only the names of the food items are in English, you can pretty much guess what the food is based on the names themselves so ordering really wasn't much of an issue for us.

Coca-cola (1,500 KRW)

If you're ordering any of their ades, then be sure to share it because the cups are HUGE. I'm talking about 2-3 people sharing one cup because it's huge and fizzy. I don't drink a lot of fizzy drinks so my brother was finding it hard to finish most of it by himself.

Lime Ade (6,000 KRW) 

Grilled Butter Bibimbap (8,500 KRW)

Pork Cutlet Rice (9,000 KRW) 

The Budae Noodles were pretty good and the soup broth was very flavourful. However, I really wanted my curry noodles which is what I usually order whenever I'm at School Food and I was pretty bummed that they removed it off the menu.

Itaewon Budae Noodle (7,500 KRW)

Because this time we had more people, we ordered 2 sets of mari to share. The first set of mari is their Special Mari 2 which consists of cuttlefish ink, spam and flying fish roe. I love all of them except for cuttlefish ink because I think that tastes weird.

The second set is their egg mari which wasn't as good as those in the special set 2 I feel! Either way, Korean sushi is different from Japanese sushi but delicious in its own way.

Special Mari  2 (7,500 KRW)

Egg Mari (6,000 KRW)

School Food
| 538 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea |

How to get here:
1. Sinsa Station, Exit 8
2. Walk along the street and turn left at Dosan-daero 13-gil
3. Walk for around 15m and School Food will be on your right (across the road)

Thank you so much for reading! And you can check out my Korea vlogs HERE if you're interested! x

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