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Monday, January 16, 2017

Margarita's @ Dempsey

This post is more than a month late but I totally forgot about this and only just remembered I haven't blogged this so here we go. I've always been meaning to bring SH to have Mexican food because it's something I have slowly developed a fondness for, and I've never had a Mexican meal with SH before so I thought I would surprise him with a meal at Margarita's @ Dempsey to celebrate his birthday. 

Margarita's is located at Block 11 at Dempsey Hill which is the block directly opposite the Ben & Jerry's flagship store at Dempsey so this should give you some idea of where it's located. Parking at Dempsey Hill can be a bit hard to find during peak hours so be sure to head there for either an early lunch or dinner if you want to avoid the massive parking jam because parking lots are pretty limited (if you don't want to park a distance from your destination).

It was my first time at Margarita's and we didn't really know what to order so we ordered the "typical" kind of Mexican food like nachos, burritos and quesadillas. You can choose whether you want them in regular (with toppings such as jalape├▒os, sour cream, guacamole, olives, tomatoes and so on) or you can opt to include meat in them (you can choose from chicken, pork or beef depending on what is available). We opted for a regular nachos, chicken quesadillas and a beef burrito.

For his birthday, I focused the photo on him and not on myself heh.

So the first dish we got was the regular nachos ($18) and this came in a huge portion. We barely finished half of these because we polished off the other 2 dishes but this was so so good. They were really generous with their toppings and we were so excited to stuff ourselves silly with this.

The second item that arrived was the chicken quesadillas ($20) which came with 3 sauces, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. This was such a simple dish but it tasted oh-so-amazing and we finished this in minutes. The salsa was a bit on the spicy side (for SH) but the sour cream and guacamole werr delicious.

The star of the day had to be the beef burrito ($20) because even though we were absolutely stuffed, we refused to waste a single bit of this dish and we wiped the plate clean. The meat was so tender and well marinated that we couldn't stop eating it. If you had to choose only 1 dish from the 3 we ordered, I will definitely say go for the beef burrito.

We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal and we packed the remains of our nachos to-go and I was suffering from a serious case of food coma at this point but SH said he wanted to grab ice cream from B&J's so that was where we went next.

Margarita's @ Dempsey
| 11 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249673 |

SH has never been to the B&J at Dempsey's before so I was very excited to bring him to there because I remembered it being decorated amazingly but I was pretty disappointed to see that they have changed the whole decoration of the place. Truth be told, the one and only time I visited this store was a good 5 years ago but I prefer how it was before as compared to how it is like right now.

As much as I love white and pink together, I think it looked a lot better last time as compared to now. It's so girly and princess-y right now. We ordered a scoop of ice cream for SH because I didn't want any.

Ben & Jerry's @ Dempsey
| 8 Dempsey Road, #01-14, Singapore 247696 |

After that, we went back to SH's place (I needed a nap badly) and woke up for dinner at his place. His mum baked a cheesecake for his birthday and I have to say his mum does the best homemade cheesecake ever. I always look forward to eating the cheesecake his mum makes.

I wanted to fill the day with a lot more fun and activities but I think SH prefers a pretty chill day over a jam packed one so that's just what we did. I love you SH, and I can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you x

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