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Monday, January 2, 2017

Favourite drinks in Korea | Korea Travelogue

This is going to be a very random post but if any one were to ask me what were the 2 drinks I would have to have whenever I'm in Korea, it's definitely these 2. I'm not talking about drinks which you find in cafes or in coffee shops but just drinks that you can find in their local convenience store like 7-Eleven or GS25.

The first drink is nothing surprising, it's the famous Korean banana milk. It's one of the must-have drinks whenever you visit Korea and for good reason as well. It's very fresh, the banana taste is just right, not too overpowering or too light, and it isn't too sweet as well. If banana milk isn't your cup of tea, the melon milk is pretty good and refreshing as well. Besides banana milk and melon milk, they do have normal milk and strawberry milk as well. 

The second, lesser-known drink, is this, it's called Coolpis in Korean (if I'm not wrong). I was addicted the moment I took my first sip. My friends and I were having jjimdak (Korean braised chicken) and the set meal they were offering at the moment included Coolpis with it. The jjimdak we had was pretty spicy so we were gulping this down and we realised that it did help to cool our mouths (and stomachs) down slightly.

Since then, I have always hunted this down whenever I'm in Korea. Not all 7-Elevens and GS25s sell this though so you may have to go into a few to grab this but if you do see it then please give it a try. If I have to describe how it tastes like, it's a light peach-flavoured yoghurt sort of drink. Absolutely delicious.

Thank you so much for reading and you can check out my Korea vlogs HERE! x

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Tamayu Sen said...

Soju is the most popular drinks in Korea. It is a clear, colorless distilled spirit that is usually made from rice. It has a relatively high alcohol content, usually around 20%.

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