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Monday, December 5, 2016

UK & Canary Islands Travelogue | Chasing Sheep

After spending a couple of days in Lake District, we were finally ready to move off and we headed to Ambleside. On the way there we drove through landscapes that were very white and covered with snow. Driving through the snow, you can hardly believe that it was nearly summer. It looked and felt more like the middle of winter. 

The main reason why we headed to Ambleside was because mum wanted to head to a famous sweet shop called Ye Olde Friars of Keswick. I have never been in a legit sweet shop before and being inside this one made me feel like a little kid all excited about candy again.

There were so many different kinds of candy in all shapes and flavours. You name it, they probably have it. They have chocolates in the shape of pizzas, sheep, guitars... it's insane. I have never seen this many flavoured jelly beans in my life before.

After a truly intriguing experience in the sweet shop, we decided to have lunch at Cafe Treff which was just around the corner of the Ye Olde Friars and we had a simple lunch consisting of soup and sandwiches. 

By this point in the trip, I was well and truly craving Singapore food. I am a huge fan of Chinese food and I can never leave Singapore for too long before I feel extremely home sick. Soup and sandwiches can only sustain me for so long and I was really longing for hokkien mee, laksa and my all time fabourite xiao wan mian. But that's for another story for another day.

Cafe Latte (£2.60)

Carrot & Coriander Soup (£4.25)

Honey Roast Ham (£6.25)
With grated mozzarella cheese, spring onion & red pepper chutney

The Bridge House is this tiny little house built on a tiny little bridge. I can't even describe how tiny it is but this little house was built 300 years ago and it is still surviving even till today. You can actually enter the house to take a look inside but because the weather was utterly horrible and it was pouring like crazy, and the fact that there were quite a few people inside already, we decided to skip entering the house and squeezing with everyone else. 

Our overnight stay was in this lovely Inn called The Plough and our rooms were truly beautiful. For one, they were HUGE, we had so much space for the 3 of us it was insane. And secondly, the room was so nicely furnished, truly hotel room goals.

My parents had a huge comfortable bed for themselves, with a toilet to the side with a huge standalone tub with bath salts to the side. I had a separate room to myself with 2 single beds and a little dressing table. 

Since we checked in pretty early, mum and I decided to head out for a little walk around the side of the Inn and into the field behind the Inn. It was a lovely walk because the weather wasn't too cold and we left the rain behind us in Ambleside. There were loads of sheep in the field and we wandered along the rolling hills down to the creek. 

What a lovely walk to get away from civilisation and technology and just breathe in fresh air and get a spot of exercise. 

For dinner we went to the bar downstairs and had a really good meal. The food tasted great, the service was amazing and the atmosphere was lovely.

Sirloin (£19.95)
Approximately 225g or about 8oz in old money
Cut from the back and best served medium rare to medium well, it is beautifully marbled with a creamy thin outer layer of far running along the edge to yield a juicy full flavour. The Sirloin Steak has the fillet, the contre-fillet, rump and barette all in the one cut to give a unique quartet of delicious taste experiences all at the same time. Served with confit mushroom, grilled mushroom, grilled tomato, watercress salad, crispy shallot rings and chips with either peppercorn, blue cheese, or shallot & garden herb hollandaise

8 oz. Aberdeen Angus Beef burger in a brioche bun, topped with streaky smoked bacon, Lancashire cheese, 'Waldek's' tomato relish & gherkins, served with chunky chips (£13.75)

Freshly made soup of the day (cream of mushroom), warm French stick & butter (£5.25)

It was a great meal and we were absolutely stuffed by the end of it and definitely ready for bed. Thank you so much for reading! x

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