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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

UK & Canary Islands Travelogue | Studying in Oxford?

The next day was a pretty gloomy and dreary one. We drove out of the city of Bath and headed to Castle Combe. Castle Combe has been reputed to be the prettiest village in England and rightly so. Despite it's name, there wasn't a castle there anymore and we actually visited the village of Castle Combe. Whilst we weren't that lucky with the weather, the sun makes everything look 10 times better, there weren't many people there so we didn't have to fight with the crowd to get good shots of the whole place.

We also made our way to the Church of St. Andrew and it was amazing. There's something about being in the physical building of a church that centers me and puts me in a calm mood so I pop into every church building I can find when I was in the UK.

We then drove over to Oxford and I was awed by all the amazing buildings there. You can literally feel the history all around you and I say this with no background knowledge of architecture at all. Just being there and driving past building after building I can just imagine hundreds of years of students walking down the paths of the town in search of knowledge to better all their futures. It was inspiring.

We spotted a little Thai restaurant nestled down a little alley so we decided to pop in and give it a try. I personally thought that the food was pretty okay, it tasted like a Westernised version of Thai food which is to be expected.

Lime & Lemongrass Presse (£3.70)

Thai Iced Tea (£4)

Phat Pak Met Mamuang (£7.50)
Stir fried mixed vegetables with cashew nuts, dried chillies and onions

Tom Yum Gai (£6.70)
Hot and sour chicken soup with mushrooms, flavoured with lemongrass, lime juice and chilli

Mu Pad Kapaow (£8.80)
Stir fried pork with Thai basil, oyster sauce and fresh chillies

Pad Thai (£9.10)
Traditional Thai dish of fried noodles with chicken, king prawns, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and egg

After an amazing lunch, we drove out of Oxford and headed to Witney where we checked into the Concroft Guesthouse. Our room was right along the front of the house which offered us a view of all the action happening (not that any action did actually happen) and it was great because we didn't have to lug our luggages up flights of stairs. 

One thing I've noticed about the UK is that all the B&Bs and guesthouses we have stayed in have very narrow staircases and they do not have lifts. This makes carrying luggages up to your room, and down the next day a very challenging task. What we did to help ease the burden was to pack our hand carry ons with what we needed for a few days at a time so we didn't have to carry our heavy luggages so often.

Because the shops close so early in the UK, by the time we were checked in and ready to hit the shops, all of them were close (shops usually close around 4-5pm on weekdays) which we were pretty bummed out about. 

What we ended up doing was to stroll through the little town, then bought Chinese takeaway back to our room for dinner.

Thank you so much for reading! x

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