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Thursday, August 4, 2016

#WDBY at Timbre

I am not usually the biggest fan of pizzas but Timbre does it just the way I like it. I don't particularly like the crust of pizzas so the thiner it is, the better. Timber has the half and half pizza which means you get to choose 2 pizza flavours on one whole pizza, what better way to enjoy 2 different flavours in one? I always choose the duck pizza and the cheeseburger pizza and both taste amazing

Because we had 4 people with us, we needed more dishes. One pizza just wasn't cutting it so we got the nachos, timbre wings and truffle fries to share. The timbre wings were marinated so well and tasted so good. The taste of truffle on the truffle fries was just right and both of these dishes were big hits. The nachos weren't too bad as well, I just wish they added more cheese on it.

Nachos with Tomato Salsa ($14)

Truffle Fries ($10)

Timbre Wings ($14) 

 Half and Half Pizza - Duck & Cheeseburger ($22)

After staying to listen to the band, we decided to head off to catch a movie and we caught Ghostbusters because SH really wanted to. Both Wilson and I ended up falling asleep in the movie (I didn't really enjoy it to be honest and I was quite tired so I didn't bother fighting the zee monster) and we ended off the night with supper.

It was a great night with good friends and I'm so glad the 4 of us get along so well. Also, any time I am with my favourite 2 people in the whole world, my best friend and my husband, it makes for a really good time.

Thank you so much for reading! x

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