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Monday, May 11, 2015

Korea Travelogue // O'Sulloc Tea House

Chanced upon one of O'Sulloc Tea House's outlets whilst we were in Bukchon Hanok Village and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to head in for a dose of green tea.

I think O'Sulloc is probably one of the more famous cafes in Seoul for green tea lovers because they specialize in just that - green tea. I've been to 2 other outlets, the one in Jeju and also their outlet in Myeongdong, and this outlet did not disappoint as well.

If you love green tea, do visit O'Sulloc because you can be sure of the quality of their green tea products, especially when they have their own plantation in Jeju. You can read about my visit to their Jeju plantation HERE.

Happy people (im)patiently waiting for our food and drinks to be done!

Once again, matcha overdose but hehe it makes me really happy to have everything matcha.

I don't exactly remember what we ordered but feel free to google O'Sulloc's menu online and you'll probably find out the names of what we ordered.

I really like their green tea latte and their fredo green tea is pretty popular as well!

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