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Friday, May 15, 2015

Korea Travelogue // Kalguksu Alley

Since my mum wanted to head to Namdaemun because she read somewhere that it is one of the must-go-to places in Seoul, I went to google what was good to eat in the area and came across the Kalguksu Alley. 

Kalguksu Alley, is literally what you think it is, a small narrow alley with stalls side by side selling... kalguksu. Competition is stiff between the stalls and as soon as you enter the alley, be prepared to be shouted at by the stall owners as they fight to attract you to their stall.

Because Namdaemun Market is a popular destination, and Kalguksu Alley being a popular food destination, we went early to secure our seats because I found out that seats can be hard to get when it's during peak hours.

If you ever head to Kalguksu Alley, I really recommend this stall! The two ladies there were super welcoming and when they found out that we were from Singapore, they gave us loads of free food. They said that they have a lot of Singaporean customers and we always recommend their stall to other people so they take special care of us hehe. Singaporeans behaving well overseas I see.

I'll show you what they gave us in the pictures below.

My mum opted for their bibimbap because we haven't had that since we reached Korea and bibimbap is actually one of the more famous Korean dishes.

The side dishes they offer taste amazing. I don't know what this dish is called but it's pretty good because the rice is mixed with loads of ingredients.

Also, this helping of bibim naengmyeon which is essentially spicy buckwheat noodles and egg. This was soooo good and refreshing, like it was honestly better than my noodles even haha.

And now, the main reason why we went over. To have this bowl of kalguksu which was pretty darn good. It was a little bit plain tasting for my palette because I didn't add the spicy paste but it was still pretty refreshing to have! (Also, the ahjummas actually gave us a free bowl of this. Say whut?!)

Just look at the amount of food we had in front of us. Crazy! We stuffed ourselves silly and still didn't manage to finish it. That was how generous they were with their food. I definitely recommend this stall!

How to get here:
1. Take exit 5 of Hoehyeon Station (Subway Line 5)
2. Enter Namdaemun Market through gate no. 6 and take a left after 10 meters
3. You will see a really big blue sign and a plastic, see-through door below it that is the entrance to Kalguksu Alley

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