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Monday, April 6, 2015

Favourite partner in crime

On one of the Mondays in March, SH came out early because he had to replace his phone cable at the Apple Store so that's what we went to do. 

Brought out a bottle of Yakult for him because I'm nice like that (some times). My fav is the orange flavoured one! Sadly we didn't have that at home 'cuz I finished it the night before hehe.

We waited for forever at the store and when we were done, I brought SH to have my fav llaollao~ Only had it once before this time and it has become my fav place to grab a cup of froyo.

I'm really liking the berry sauce a lot more than the chocolate sauce which was what I tried the first time. Even SH agrees that llaollao tastes so much nicer than other froyo places.

Decided to pop by our fav place to indulge in Ban Mian for dinner because I was feeling hungry already. If you're wondering where this place is, it's at the coffee shop that's right outside Xinmin Secondary School (we both attended XMS).

Photo to commemorate this moment because I rarely wear jeans out haha.

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