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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Montana Brew Bar // Llaollao

Hello hello!

I met up with some of my fav girls to catch up! I haven't met up with Qiya in ages and I see Van only on Sundays :'( I wish they still worked at Wimbly just so that we have more time to catch up with one another. Really sucks how we used to meet up at work a lot more often than we do now.

Qiya and I scouted the hashtag #cafehoppingsg and stumbled upon Montana Brew Bar and the waffles posted on Instagram looked amazingly good so we decided to pop by to give them a try!

I really like how they take take pride in their coffee. I haven't been to a cafe where you get to choose your own blend of beans, not that I have been to many cafes in the first place actually haha. But I think it's really interesting how they even describe how the taste of the coffee is.

However, since I'm not an avid fan of coffee, I opted for the Montana Houseblend which was recommended by the staff.

Van opted for their Iced Latte ($5.50) and I had their Iced Mocha ($6).

Qiya opted for their Latte ($4.50) I believe.

For waffles, we opted for 3 choices to share. First up, Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles ($9.50).  Green tea waffles, strawberry, mango passionfruit spheres, vanilla ice cream.

For me, this was a big disappointment. I'm a huge fan of matcha and I saw good reviews for this waffles online which was why despite thinking that matcha flavoured waffles sounded weird, we still went ahead and ordered this.

However, the waffles tasted weirdly like bandung which we weren't expecting at all. Despite the waffles supposedly being green tea flavoured, there wasn't any green tea taste to it at all, and only the greenish tint hinted that the waffles was infused with green tea.

The ice cream and the strawberries were not rave-worthy either.

The mango passionfruit spheres however, tasted amazing. I like how they burst in your mouth and when they do, your mouth fills up with delicious tasting mango and passionfruit.

The second waffles we went for was their  Cinnamon Apple Pie Waffles ($9.50) which tasted heavenly. Cinnamon apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, chocolate shavings.

The combination of apple pie, cinnamon, and vanilla ice cream is to die for. It is literally what it says it is. Apple pie filling on top of a waffle, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I really really liked this waffle and can't find fault with it at all.

The last set of waffles we ordered was their Red Velvet Waffle Stack ($10.50) which was displayed really nicely with two scoops of vanilla ice cream balanced between 3 waffle quarters. Vanilla ice cream, red velvet crumble and white chocolate rose sauce.

Their Red Velvet waffles really tasted like bandung, which I guess may be attributed to their white chocolate rose sauce. The sauce tasted a lot more like rose (a.k.a bandung) than white chocolate actually.

Sadly, we found this waffle stack to be lacking of anything spectacular besides the presentation (which soon toppled over after the photos were taken - actually before our waffles were served to us, they fell over and the server had to take them back to rearrange before serving it to us again.)

I am okay with bandung in general, just that well, I do not expect waffles to taste of bandung and the fact that they did really ruined the whole experience for me. I had really high hopes of this though :'<

Lastly we had a plate of Truffle Fries ($8) which tasted heavenly as well! The truffle fries, as well as the cinnamon apple pie waffles, were definitely hits with us. The truffle taste was pretty obvious which I really appreciate. I dislike places which sell truffle fries yet you can't taste the truffle at all.

The only down side is that this small portion does not do justice to the price. I wish they were a bit more generous with their serving considering we paid $8 for this.

I'll be back to try their savoury waffles which my friend told me were more popular than their sweet waffles. I really wanted to try their Southern Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwich but I thought savoury waffles sounded weird so I didn't. Major regret! I also heard that their Truffle Mac & Cheese Waffles is another huge hit.

Definitely head down to give their waffle creations a try~

Montana Brew Bar
| 1 Selegie Road, #01-04, Singapore 188306 | 

3 happy souls after indulging in a helluva waffles heh.

Since we were feeling pretty full, we decided to walk down to 313 Somerset because I really wanted to try llaollao. Can you believe it? I've never had llaollao prior to this. I must have been buried under a huge boulder called Work.

Llaollao tasted amazing by the way. I'm a huge fan of froyo (not that I indulge in it often) and this is a huge hit with my tummy!

I like how llaollao allows customers to recreate their own unique blend. You get to choose your own fruits, crunch, sauce.... say whut? How amazing is that?!

We opted for the Sanum ($6.50) which includes one sauce (we chose chocolate), three fruits (blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate) and one crunch (lotus biscuit). This tasted just divine. I honestly reckon this is the best froyo I've ever had. Why did it take me so long to jump onto the llaollao bandwagon?!

One little downside to the chocolate sauce though, when you drip chocolate sauce onto something cold, it hardens instantly. The staff used a spoon to drizzle sauce all over and then stuck the spoon into the froyo, which resulted in the hardened chocolate coating the whole spoon. I would prefer if they used a different spoon to drizzle the sauce on...

| 313 Orchard Road, #B3-55, 313 Somerset, Singapore 238895 |

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