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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All I want for Christmas is you.

SH is back!!!!!!! Can I just say I'm mad excited hehehehe. I've been missing him a lot and he's finally back yay~

For the people who didn't even know he was gone…. He went to California, USA for overseas training for 3 weeks and he finally came back just in time for Christmas whoop whoop. (And he bought Christmas presents back hehe. Should I do a post on what I got for Christmas?)

Haven't done these photo updates in the longest time but here goes!

Went to the airport to fetch SH and we went back to his place to see these amazingly wrapped presents from Mama Lim. Hehe. I love wrapped presents so much more than unwrapped ones! The anticipation~

Christmas decorations at SH's home~


Got into a quarrel with SH because of this but thank you so much nonetheless for this baby :'> So excited to finally try the Revlon Colorstay! Heard so many good things about this foundation.

Had lunch at home on Christmas and it was amazing. Mum cooked a turkey stuffed with chestnuts with a side of oven-baked carrots and potato wedges :>

SH and I went out to town to settle some errands and we stopped by Starbucks for some sweet treats. Had a sudden craving for Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack so that's what we got! Starbucks was having as 1-for-1 offer and we both got one each.

Honestly, all I wanted for Christmas was to have you back safely and I got my wish!

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay tuned for my post wrapping up the whole of 2014~

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