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Sunday, November 30, 2014

#1153: Goodbye iPhone 4

Saturdays are always date (and errand) days with SH because that's the only day we ever get the whole day to ourselves. Woke up bright and early for some good food at Monster Curry! 

It was my second time here and the service was much better this time (I had a bad experience with one of the service crew here the first time I came). Be prepared to pay at least $11 per main and also, prepare your stomach for the huge portion of food!

The plates our food came in are HUGE, like maybe 1.5 times my head size? Most of the plate is covered in rice and their curry of course. SH opted for katsu with cheese and I went for the cheese omelette because I never say no to cheese and eggs.

I love spicy food so I opted for "Level 1" which is normal spicy but it was still too spicy for me. See the little bit of chili sauce they drew onto the curry? Well I barely used half of it and it was more than enough for me. 

I overheard another customer order the Level 2 and I have no idea how he managed to stomached the spiciness?! 

Monster Curry
| 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-08 NEX Serangoon, Singapore 556093 |

Also. If you've met me, or have been following my Instagram (@YiQingggg), you will have known this but I've finally changed to an iPhone 6 Plus!!!

I've been suffering with a noob iPhone 4 for the longest time because firstly, I couldn't be bothered to change to the 5S especially since I knew iPhone 6 was coming out soon. Secondly, I didn't want to part with my awesome 12gb plan (yes I know, my plan's obsolete already.) And lastly, because the gold iPhone 6 Plus has been sold out for the longest time.

But when SH and I walked pass the Starhub shop at Nex and I saw that they finally had stock for the iPhone 6 Plus in gold, I went "I MUST BUY!!!" Literally. My iPhone 4 has been pissing the shit out of me because of how lag it was. Not to mention the horrible battery life :'<

Here's my super excited and happy face :> :>

Some of my friends have been warning me of the downside of having a huge phone but up till now, I still have no regrets!! I love the huge screen! It makes watching videos, editing photos, everything so much better. Only bad thing about it is that SH (and everyone else) can see everything that I'm doing but besides that, everything's good :>

Also, can I just say the battery life is AMAHZING. I can last 1.5 days without charging my phone and that's with me using my phone normally (read: non stop playing games and surfing Instagram and spamming snapchats and whatsapps to everyone).

I love my new phone so much :'>

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