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Thursday, November 27, 2014

#1152: Review | Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

I've been switching up my skin care and make up products (mostly because I bought so many from Korea and I can't stand to wait for the old products to finish to try the new ones) and can I just say I'm really loving this product that I've used for a month or so?

From the title of this post, you'll already know that I'm going to be talking about my experience with Innisfree's Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

I've never heard of Innisfree until my first trip to Korea earlier this year. I've never been big on Korean brands before mostly because they aren't easy to find in Singapore (until recently).

As much as I love skin care and makeup, most of the Youtubers that I follow use Western brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, Mac, Estee Lauder… Mostly expensive and relatively high end cosmetics which I was drawn to but was never keen on splurging on. So I was definitely really excited when I found out that many Korean brands carry dupes of their more expensive Western counterparts. Or even dupes from other well-known Asian brands like SK-II and Skin Inc.

Another really attractive reason why I went cray cray shopping at Korea was the fact that due to the hyper-competitiveness of the Korean market, most of the products sold there were so affordable?! Masks for as low as 500 KRW (on discount), or like serums as low as 9,800 KRW?! You'll honestly never get this kind of prices in Singapore. Ever. Or rather, you'll never get prices as low as this for authentic products from well-known and established brands. Even well-known Korean brands that you can find in Singapore like Etude House or the Face Shop is priced much lower in Korea, some times more than 2x cheaper which is just plain insane.

'Nuff said. Moving on to the actual product itself~

I love everything green tea so when I first saw this product, what first attracted me to it was that the main active ingredient in it is green tea. Green tea is packed full of antioxidants which is great for anti-ageing purposes and helps soothe the skin and to reduce redness.


It comes in a small greenish box which is made from recycled paper (got to love Innisfree's commitment to sustainability!) with the description "Enriched with Green Tea Seed oil from pure Jeju Island. Green Tea revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture."

According to the box, this moisture BB Cream, contains green tea seed ingredients harvested from the green tea gardens in Jeju island, delivers rich moisture to your skin as it gently covers flaws.


They have 2 shades for this product and I'm in the lightest shade, which would be shade #1 and I would say that it matches my skin pretty well! It looks slightly darker on my hand but when I blend it out on my face, it actually matches my face colour amazingly and brightens up my skin a lot.


It is a low to medium coverage BB cream but it's definitely buildable. I usually apply only one layer on my face and it pretty much covers all my redness and most of my blemishes but I still have to apply concealer on my dark eye circles and on some of my more obvious spots. So if you're looking for a heavy-duty product that will cover all your problem areas, then this BB cream probably isn't the one for you.


The texture of this BB cream isn't the most watery and is slightly thick so it takes a bit more effort to blend out. That being said, if you're used to dispensing product and dotting it all over your face before blending it out, this product wouldn't be the best. What I usually do is to dispense a small amount and apply it on a specific part of my face, say my forehead or left cheek, and blending it out before moving on to the next part.


There's a slight herbal smell to the product. It doesn't smell like any of the products from Innisfree's green tea range but it definitely isn't an unpleasant smell. It just smells... different. But it disappears soon after you apply it your face.


It definitely brightens my face and gives off a really dewy finish which I really love! It almost feels like a sin whenever I follow up with loose powder on my face because I feel like I'm hiding the amazing glow it leaves on my skin. But if you're the kind who doesn't want to go out looking like your whole face is shiny, I recommend using a little powder on your face along your hairline, nose and chin area.

Psst, my boyfriend also noticed that my face looks a lot brighter than before and I think it is due to this BB cream (and also the new additions into my skin care routine) :>


I think the Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream is really good and it does what it says. My skin doesn't feel dry or flaky when I use it on my face. Also, it really does "gently cover" flaws because the coverage definitely isn't on the heavy side. This product probably wouldn't appeal to people who require heavy coverage or people who do not want the hassle required in blending the product properly into their face. It doesn't break me out which is really important for me because I have pretty sensitive skin. Honestly, I really like this BB cream but I probably won't repurchase it because I believe that there are better products in the market (and also because I have too many products in my stash that I haven't even opened yet).

I hope this review has been helpful!

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