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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#1150: Home of the Elite

We are Guardsmen Warriors
Resolute in Loyalty,
Steadfast in Commitment.
We fight for our country,
Our home and family.

Land Warriors from Air and Sea.
Unfailing in Toughness,
Valiant  in our actions,
We destroy all foes who challenge our mission.

We are Elite Warriors.
With Daring Initiative
We rule the day
And we rule the night:
Always Ready, "Ready to Strike"!

Last month, I had the privilege to attend SH's graduation parade which was the last step in his grueling one month Guards Conversion Course, or GCC for short. Despite how he says that the GCC isn't as tough or as challenging as what he went through during his OCS days, I'm still sure that GCC isn't the easiest course to go through or pass out from, which is why being in guards is such a pride for any guardsman.

As an officer, SH has the freedom to book out every day (except when he has duty or other commitments in the army) and being a family-oriented (and girlfriend-oriented) man, not being able to book out till Friday or Saturday must have been a tough adjustment for him. Sadly, for half his course, I wasn't in Singapore so that meant that for 3/4 of his course, we basically didn't meet at all which kind of sucked. But through it all, he managed to excel in his course and gained the respect of his peers which definitely makes me a very proud girlfriend :'>

I know that being able to achieve the guards tab and finally donning on his khaki beret is one of his proudest moments in his SAF journey and can I just say that I am really pleased to see him so happy with his hard-earned 'trophies'.

I'm really proud of you beebs! Continue excelling in your job and I'll always be the one by your side. Hehe. Always your number 1 fan! x

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