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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#1149: Massive Mask Haul

I have a confession to make. I am a mask hoarder, as you will soon see from the pictures below. But how can I not be one when the sheet masks in Korea are so inexpensive?!

Let me explain.

In Korea, most sheet masks cost about 950KRW to 1,000 KRW which is typically slightly more than S$1. That makes the prices of masks insanely affordable, especially when you compare it with the prices of mask in Singapore. 

Let me quote you an example. Sheet masks from The Face Shop's Real Nature Mask range in Korea retail for 1,000 KRW (or S$1.25). In Singapore, the same mask from the same range, retails at 4 for S$10. Wtf?!?!?! 


So when faced with this situation, I reacted like any girl would… 

There are, of course, more expensive options to face masks that can cost like 5,000 KRW and above per piece but I am very happy with the more affordable options that are available.

Also, if you're really really lucky, Korean brands typically have buy 10 get 10 free sales for masks and that's when you REALLY go cray cray buying up EVERYTHING.

And so, I present to you, my crazy mask collection.

These masks, were mostly what's left from my first haul in Korea. I've used up most of them because I typically do masks 3 times a week (on alternate days) and that means I've used up a huge chunk of my collection and I'm really really loving this indulgence.

Nothing feels better than to come home after a tiring 11 hour work day to a good pampering session with a sheet mask on the face. I love pampering myself because I work really hard and sheet masks help me wind down after a long day.

As you will soon see, my holy grail brands for masks are both Innisfree and The Face Shop.

Here's a close up of what's left from my first haul.

Originally, I was a bit hesitant with buying too many sheet masks the first time I went to Korea because I didn't have the habit of putting on sheet masks. Sleeping packs are fine because you literally just apply it on your face and go about doing your stuff as per normal but sheet masks require a bit more effort - putting it on your face for 10-20 minutes and patting the serum into your face after you remove it. And I didn't know if I would have the patience or the discipline to constantly find time to do sheet masks.

But after 4 months of religiously using sheet masks, 3 times a week, I can safely say that yes, I do have the discipline and that I will use up the masks I bought. So, I went even more crazy with my buying of masks when I went to Korea last month.

After all, they're not going to waste and my skin embraces all the greatness of these masks so why not?

The following pictures are sneak peeks to my new haul.

Went back to my beloved Face Shop to get these babies and since Nature Republic and the Saem were having mask sales, I decided to pick some up to try!

Etude house was having their buy 10 get 10 free mask sales and I went absolutely cray buying these babies up. My sis thought I was crazy…. But I love masks…. >.> <.<

These are the loose pieces of masks I picked up.

And here's a giant buy 20 get 20 free pack which I have yet to opened up yet. Got this huge baby at Lotte Mart and I can't wait to try them!

My sister says she loves Etude House masks because they don't tear as easily as other brands (Innisfree tears up quite easily if you're not careful with it) so heh, can't wait to try them!

And also, since we had extra cash from doing tax refunds at Incheon Airport, I decided to grab this bad boy as well. 70 pieces of mask from Innisfree!!! Mad happy I can't wait to open this up and start using all of them.

And and since I've been back from Korea, my sister bought me more masks hehehehehe 'cuz The Face Shop was having a 10+10 for face masks. BUY BUY BUY :>

But sadly though, they didn't have some of the ones I really wanted but my sis just got me other ones heh.

I think I sound mostly crazy in this post about how I love this and how I love that but honestly, would I blog and rave about something I don't like? (Unless it's a rant post, then that's a different story altogether.)

But I'm just so excited to share my mask collection because I really love sheet masks and how my skin is improving so much partly due to my skin care routine which includes doing these masks.

These masks have been a life saver, especially when I put make up for long hours a day, everyday which really dries out my skin and they provide a much needed boost of moisture. Also, every girl needs her pamper night (or nights in my case).

Let me know if I should do a more in depth review on the masks. But till then, go and be beautiful! x

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