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Saturday, November 1, 2014

#1145: Korea Travelogue // Cafe Five

Cafe five is honestly a hidden gem. Because it was a stone's throw away from our guesthouse, we decided to pop in and try their patbingsu and we weren't disappointed. The green tea patbingsu is hands down the best I've ever eaten. I would honestly say that it's even better than Homilbat's. Seriously. I'm not kidding 'cuz I used to think that Homilbat is the holy grail for patbingsu.

Also, I'm not a fan of mochi 'cuz I've always felt that mochi were just chewy things and not really worth the effort, but the mochi here was amazing as well. I ate two pieces. That says a lot. The nuts that come with the patbingsu also add texture and crunchiness to the whole dish~

The patbingsu at Cafe Five was so good that we decided to head back there a second time.Sadly, the second time we went, they were out of green tea so we tried the red bean patbingsu which was pretty good as well! Not as good as the green tea one but still pretty good. Cafe five is definitely a must-try if you ever see it. x

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