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Monday, September 29, 2014

#1131: Korea day 10 // Bonjuk, Ewha Womans University, Homilbat & Bau House Fun

Here's the 10th post of my Korea trip in May~~~ By the time this post goes up, I'll be merely 2 days away from going back to Korea hehe. So psyched!!!

This time round, I'll be going with my family and it's under the guise of "visiting the sister", which we are doing, but also, to shop!!! 

Tried the Caffe Bene's mocha and I thought it was just pretty normal, nothing special.

We went to have traditional Korean porridge for brunch before we started our activities. We went to Bonjuk at Hongdae but I can't seem to find the address of the place online and Cheryl was the one who brought us there so sorry guys, I don't have the directions to get here.

Decided to visit Ewha Woman's University which is reputed to be a really pretty campus and it didn't disappoint.

Just imagine studying in such a beautiful campus!! Every inch of the place is amazing to take #OOTDs with. And literally, you can take a different OOTD with a different view of the campus and it'll probably never get old. *grumbles about how laopok NTU looks like*

52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

Cheryl really wanted to try this street snack and after hunting around for it for nearly half an hour, we finally found it!! I don't know how exactly to describe what it is but it has froyo, waffle, chocolate coated grapes, yam…

But I loved the froyo the most~~~

And of course, since we were in the area, HOMILBAT PATBINGSU ^^

I can eat this alldayerrday and never get sick of it. It's sooooo good. I absolutely cannot wait to go back and have some of this again hehe.

And we spent the remainder of the day (and night) at Bau House, which is a dog cafe in Hongdae.

The dogs here were absolutely cray honestly. They'll run up and down, jump onto your chair and table, stick their whole heads into your bags….. But it was so cute to see all of them so happy and playing with one another.

No further captions needed.

Jeil Building, 1F, 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 

Getting here:
1. Hapjeong Station, Exit 3
2. Turn right and walk down the nearest road, Yanghwa-ro 8-gil
3. You should see the sign for Bau House on the ground floor of the building

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